8 of the Best Thank You Page Examples for More Conversions

Thank you page examples are an awesome way to get inspiration for your own online business.

See, your thank you page is like the grand finale of a fireworks show – it's where you can leave a lasting impression, build customer loyalty, and boost your sales even more.

But crafting the perfect thank you page isn't always a walk in the park. That's why we've got your back! 

In this blog post, we're going to dive headfirst into 11 of the best thank you page examples on the web. We'll break them down, study their strategies, and show you how to replicate their success.

Whether you're a seasoned eCommerce pro or just starting your online selling journey, these thank you page examples are your secret weapon to building thank you pages that leave your customers grinning from ear to ear. 

So, grab your coffee, and let's study the best thank you page examples.


What is an eCommerce Thank You Page? (And Why it Matters)

Thank you page example from Shopify store Slendid Spoon

Before we jump into the thank you page example, let’s define what a thank you page is and why it matters. 

Your thank you page (also known as the order confirmation page) is the page customers land on after they’ve made a purchase.

Instead of leaving shoppers hanging with a generic "Transaction Complete" message, a Thank You page pops up.

But thank you page optimization isn't just about confirming the transaction; it's a pivotal part of your eCommerce strategy. Here's why:

  • Gratitude: First and foremost, it's an opportunity to express your heartfelt appreciation. It's a chance to say "Thank You" for choosing your store amidst the sea of online options. This simple act of gratitude can create a warm and positive connection between you and your customer.
  • Peace of Mind: The thank you page keeps the shopping momentum going. It confirms the order, provides order details, and assures the customer that their purchase was successful. This can help reduce anxiety and buyer's remorse, making them feel confident about their decision.
  • Upsell and Cross-Sell: It's a clever space for you to showcase related products or special offers. Since the customer is already in buying mode, this is a fantastic opportunity to entice them with complementary items they might have missed.
  • Social Love: You can encourage customers to follow you on social media or subscribe to your newsletter, expanding your reach and nurturing long-term relationships.
  • Guide the Way: Sometimes, customers need a little nudge. You can use this page to guide them on what to expect next, like when their order will arrive, how to track it, or what to do if they have questions.
  • Collect Feedback: Your Thank You page is an ideal spot to gather insights from your customers. Not only does this help you understand what you're doing right (or not so right), but it also demonstrates that you genuinely care about their opinions and are committed to improving your service. 

So, in a nutshell, a Thank You page is your digital high-five to customers. It's a place where you can show appreciation, offer more value, and keep the shopping excitement alive. Now that we've got the basics down, let's dive into those stellar examples and learn how to turn a simple 'Thank You' into a lasting impression!

The Fundamentals of a Good eCommerce Thank You Page

So, what makes a good thank you page? Well, before we look at additional optimizations, the following are non-negotiable on you order confirmation page:

  • Order Confirmation Messaging: Keep it simple yet friendly – a heartfelt “Thank you” that leaves your customers feeling genuinely appreciated.
  • Order Number: Make sure users can easily find or inquire about their order details by prominently displaying their unique order number.
  • Tracking Number (if applicable): If the order involves shipping, provide the tracking number so customers can keep tabs on their packages. Alternatively, consider setting up a system allowing customers to check their shipping status using their order numbers.
  • Ordered Item(s): Include a clear list of ordered items, specifying the quantity of units purchased per item. Visualize the products with thumbnails to remind customers of their choices.
  • Order Amount: Transparency is key. Break down the order amount to include not just the product cost but also shipping fees and taxes. No surprises here!
  • Delivery or Pickup Details: If relevant, include essential information such as the estimated delivery date. This ensures customers are in the know about when to expect their goodies.
  • Contact and/or Support Information: Provide clear and accessible contact details or links to your customer support. This way, buyers know exactly how to request a return or seek assistance with their orders if needed.
  • What’s Next: Keep the shopping journey alive with a compelling Call to Action (CTA). Encourage buyers to continue shopping, sign up for email alerts, or take another action that keeps them engaged with your brand.

By nailing these fundamentals, your Thank You page becomes a powerhouse of information, assurance, and engagement, creating a seamless and satisfying post-purchase experience for your customers.

Define the Goals of your Thank You Page

As we've said, your thank you page isn't just a digital receipt; it's a strategic asset. To make the most of it, you need clear goals in mind. 

Some common goals for thank you pages are:

  • Build Your Marketing List: Encourage customers to subscribe to your newsletter. It's a direct line to their inbox for future promotions and updates.
  • Get Feedback: Use the Thank You page to gather feedback on products or the shopping experience. Customer insights are invaluable for improvement.
  • Drive Future Purchases: If your products have a high turnover rate, focus on driving future sales. Suggest related products, showcase upcoming releases, or offer loyalty discounts.
  • Generate Referrals: Encourage customers to refer friends and family to your store. Word-of-mouth marketing is powerful.
  • Boost Loyalty: Make customers feel like VIPs. Offer exclusive loyalty programs, early access to sales, or rewards for repeat purchases.

Remember, your goals should align with your overall eCommerce strategy and the unique needs of your business. Tailor your Thank You page to guide customers towards these objectives, creating a win-win scenario where they benefit, and your business thrives.

8 eCommerce Thank You Page Examples to Inspire Your Own

Now that we've explored the fundamentals of a great thank you pages, it's time to see these concepts in action. 

Let’s explore 11 real-world Thank You page examples and highlight what we love about them, offering you a snapshot of how these strategies can elevate your post-purchase conversions.

1. Laumiere Gourmet Fruits: Add Cross-sell Offers

Upselling and cross-selling aren't just fancy eCommerce terms – they're smart strategies that can significantly boost your bottom line. 

And where better to apply these tactics than on your Thank You page? By doing so, you can increase your average order value. 

See, when customers have just made a purchase, they're in a buying mood. Suggesting complementary or upgraded products can entice them to add more items to their cart, increasing their order value. 

For example, below you can see ReConvert user Laumiere Gourmet Fruits added a few simple cross-sells to their thank you page. These offers achieved a 7.01% conversion rate, resulting in a 10% boost in overall revenue.

Best practices for implementing upselling and cross-selling include ensuring relevance in your recommendations. Recommend products that genuinely enhance the customer's purchase, aligning with their needs and preferences. 

Also, simplicity is key – don't overwhelm customers with too many options. One or two well-chosen suggestions are more effective than a long list. 

Additionally, offering discounts or bundle deals can sweeten the deal, making the offer more enticing. 

Lastly, make it easy for customers to add the suggested items to their cart with a one-click option.

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2. Bulk Nutrition - The Power of a ReOrder Button

If you’re selling items that need frequent re-ordering - such as vitamins, oral care products, razors, food items etc, then you should put a reorder button on your thank you page.

The reason for this is because customers will often return to the order confirmation page via your transaction emails. Or your customer might be logged into their account and reviewing previous orders.

Either way, when a customer lands here, it’s likely that they’re going to reorder the same products. A simple reorder button means they don’t have to go through and build their basket again.

The reorder button reduces friction. And as we know, the less friction your shoppers face, the more likely they are to convert.

3. Stilyo - Collect & Send Customer Birthday Emails

Collecting customer birthdays on your thank you page is a low-effort way to delight customers and build retention.

Seriously, birthdays are marketing gold. You can plan targeted email campaigns and offer tailored promotions based on age and preferences.

A Birthday email example from H&M

Moreover, birthdays keep your brand in mind, even between purchases, increasing engagement. Plus, it's all about surprise and delight – birthday emails show you care beyond transactions.

For example, Stilyo collect customer birthdays with a simple widget on the thank you page:

ReConvert user Ava Estelle used this same widget to collect over 15,000+ customer birthdays on their thank you page.

They synced ReConvert with a simple email automation in Klaviyo, that generated them an additional $7,268 in the just 6 months! Not bad for something that took under an hour to set-up.

By collecting birthdays on your thank you page, you create personal connections, foster long-term loyalty and most importantly, boost sales.

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4. Asos - Gather Cutomer Feedback

On your Thank You page, collecting feedback through post-purchase surveys is a strategic move that can offer invaluable insights into your customers' experiences.

Why should you collect feedback on the Thank You page? Firstly, it's timely. Your customers have just completed a transaction, making their experience fresh in their minds. This timing can lead to more accurate and detailed responses. 

Secondly, it demonstrates that you care about their opinions and are committed to enhancing their shopping experience. It shows that you're not just interested in sales but in creating a top-notch experience.

In this thank you page examples from ASOS, you can see they place a short survey box in the top left corner of the page:

Thank you page example from Asos

So, how can you collect this feedback effectively? Keep it simple and concise. Use short, straightforward questions that are easy to answer. 

Offer a mix of multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions. Multiple-choice questions provide quick insights, while open-ended questions can uncover detailed feedback.

Ensure it's mobile-friendly because many customers may be shopping on their smartphones, so your survey should be easy to complete on mobile devices. Consider offering incentives, like discounts or entry into a giveaway, to encourage participation.

By collecting feedback on your Thank You page, you create a convenient channel for customers to share their thoughts. This data can be a goldmine for making informed improvements, enhancing customer satisfaction, and making more sales.

5. Etsy - Smooth Account Creation

Customer accounts present a dual-edged challenge for merchants. 

On one side, they empower you with valuable data, such as purchase history, to fine-tune your marketing strategies. 

However, on the flip side, requiring customers to set up accounts can add complexity to the checkout process and potentially hinder your conversion rates.

So, what's the solution? As Yusuf Shurbaji, co-founder of the Shopify Plus Agency PrismFly recommends, the smart move is to provide customers with the option to create accounts before checkout, but not make it mandatory.

Then, after they've completed their purchase, strategically offer them the opportunity to create an account. This approach balances data collection with a frictionless checkout process, optimizing both for customer experience and marketing potential.

Thank you page example from Etsy

eCommerce platform, Etsy understands this. When you buy something, you’re not required to create an account. However, once you’ve purchased something, they prompt you to create an account on the thank you page.

We also like how they suggest related products in the ‘people also bought’ section at the bottom. It would be nice to have more order details to confirm what we ordered, but otherwise this is a pretty solid example of a thank you page.

6. Heights - Ask for Refferals

Beyond gratitude, your Thank You page holds untapped potential for fostering customer advocacy and securing referrals. 

This is because customers are often in a positive mindset right after a purchase, making it an ideal moment to encourage advocacy.

Referrals are influential. Recommendations from friends and family carry significant weight, building trust in your brand among potential new customers.

To harness this power, ensure a clear and compelling call to action (CTA) on your Thank You page. Supplement company Heights uses ‘Give a friend 15% off’ to prompt action.

An example of a thank you page from eCommerce retailer Heights

Take a leaf out of Heights book and consider incentivizing referrals with discounts, exclusive offers, or loyalty points for both the referrer and referee (e.g. 15% off for both parties)

Keep the process simple with user-friendly sharing buttons and straightforward forms.

You can also encourage customers to share related content on social media, such as photos of their purchases, tagging your brand.

By implementing these strategies on your Thank You page, you can convert satisfied customers into advocates and leverage word-of-mouth marketing for business growth.

7. Warby Parker - Encourage Social Sharing

Integrating social sharing widgets onto your Thank You page can revolutionize your post-purchase strategy. 

These widgets amplify your brand's reach, as satisfied customers easily share their positive experiences. Recommendations from friends and family, often facilitated by these widgets, build trust in your brand.

For example, checkout how eyewear brand Warby Parker uses social sharing widgets in this thank you page example:

We love how they have a pre-written message, that’s crafted bait engagement from the shoppers' followers and friends. So all that shoppers need to do is click the share button, and they’re good to go.

Incorporating social sharing widgets taps into the habit of sharing, turning satisfied customers into passionate brand advocates, enhancing visibility, credibility, and engagement. 

8. Feey - Build Relationships with Videos

Incorporating videos on your Thank You page is a brilliant idea for several reasons. Firstly, videos are engaging and can deliver your message more effectively than text or images alone. They capture attention and convey information concisely.

Secondly, videos provide a personal touch, allowing you to express genuine gratitude and build a stronger connection with your customers. This humanizes your brand, making it more relatable.

Furthermore, videos offer an opportunity to showcase additional products or services, subtly encouraging further engagement. They can also guide customers on what to expect next in their journey with your brand.

ReConvert user Feey deployed thank you page videos to welcome new customers to their brand. They use a personalized video from the founder Sven.

What’s more is that Feey then used ReConvert to segment their audience by number of orders. They created new videos that triggered when customers placed their second and third orders - which created an awesome and one-of-a-kind onboarding journey.

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Implement These Thank You Page Examples with ReConvert

Now that we’ve covered some awesome thank you page examples, you’re probably wondering; ‘how do I implement all these strategies on my thank you page?’

Well, you could hire a developer and create the edits you want. But the problem is this is expensive, it takes time, and it doesn’t always work out the way you’d hoped.

So, that’s where ReConvert comes in. ReConvert is a purpose-built app for Shopify and Wix that allows you to customize your thank you page and reach your conversion goals.

Let’s quickly run through how to set-up ReConvert for more sales and conversions.

  • Add ReConvert from the app store and follow the prompts to install the app.

  • In the app dashboard, scroll down to your thank you pages, then hit  ‘create a new template’ (or edit one of your existing templates)
  • From here, you can choose the pre-built ‘Conversion Monster’ template - this comes complete with all optimizations mentioned above. Or if you’d rather customize your own thank you page, choose ‘Empty Template
  • Next use the drag and drop editor to build the blocks you want. Keep your conversion goals in mind. Once you’re happy with your thank you page, hit save!

Use These Thank You Page Examples to Make More Sales

In conclusion, your Thank You page is not just a courteous formality; it's a dynamic tool for enhancing customer relationships, boosting sales, and expanding your brand's reach. 

By incorporating elements like personalization, upselling, feedback collection, and social sharing widgets, you can turn a simple "Thank You" into a lasting impression. 

The showcased thank you page examples serve as a testament to the power of creativity and strategy in crafting effective Thank You pages. 

So, go ahead, harness these insights, and transform your Thank You page into a powerhouse of post-purchase engagement and growth. Your customers will thank you for it!


Thank You Page Examples FAQ

What do you write on a thank you page?

On a thank you page, express gratitude, confirm the order, provide order details, suggest related products, and encourage social sharing or sign-ups.

What is an example of a thank you page?

An example of a thank you page includes a "Thank You" message, order confirmation, order number, recommended products, and social sharing options.

How do I make a thank you landing page?

Create a thank you landing page by using ReConvert, customize it with your brand elements, add order confirmation information, product recommendations, and social sharing widgets, and ensure a clear call to action for further engagement.

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