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Skin hyperpigmentation issues are common these days. But suitable treatments that aren’t loaded with toxic chemicals are hard to find. When Yaw Okyere saw his wife struggling with hyperpigmentation, he set about creating a solution that didn’t rely on using harsh chemicals like most of the products in the market. Using his background in cosmetic formulation, Yaw devised an all-natural treatment that worked wonders for his wife. Yaw’s wife was so happy that he had an idea: What if his bespoke formulation could help other women struggling with the same skin issues? And so, in 2020, Ava Estell was born. Word about Yaw’s amazing skincare products spread like wildfire - selling almost $4M of product in the first 12 months. In 2021, Yaw more than doubled his revenue, generating over $10M in sales.
London, UK

The Problem

How to extract the most value out of Ava Estelle's traffic

Keen to make the most of the traffic pouring into his online store, Yaw approached Jacob Elbaum, founder of Shivook, an eCommerce conversion rate optimization agency. 

“The first thing Jacob recommended was to optimize the post-purchase sales funnel to capture more post-purchase revenue”, says Yaw.

With his experience, Jacob knew that the cosmetics vertical combined with the quality of Yaw’s products meant that post-purchase optimization would produce huge results for Ava Estell.

“I saw instant dollar signs! I knew it’d take 24 hours and Yaw would be a ReConvert customer for life.” says Jacob. “I was very aware ReConvert could be a good way to drive more sales - especially via thank you page customization”. Jacob continued;

“Thank you page customization provides incredible value - many merchants don't realize how many times their customers see their thank you page. The impressions are crazy - two, three, even up to four times per order is standard. When you think about it, that’s more impressions than any other part of the funnel - so optimization is non-negotiable”

The Solution

Customize the thank you page to add personalized upsells and collect customer's birthday's

Jacob implemented ReConvert’s default funnel, conversion monster - the perfect option to start collecting data and get some conversion benchmarks.

“I’ve used some of the competitors”, says Jacob. “One of the things I love about ReConvert is the simplicity. It does a few things really well, rather than trying to do everything sub-optimally.”

Jacob used ReConvert to show Ava Estell Customers a one-click post-purchase upsell offer. Shoppers also got a downsell offer if they declined the first offer.

From there, shoppers landed on ReConvert’s customized thank you page complete with a product upsell, related product collections and an urgency-driven pop-up offer providing multiple opportunities for conversions.

Jacob also implemented post-purchase surveys to collect customer feedback which were useful to figure out conversion hiccups in the pre-purchase journey.

And additionally, Jacob added a birthday collector. The marketing team synched this with a simple Klaviyo email flow to send a series of birthday emails to customers.

“What’s amazing is that you can be set-up and running in 5 minutes - even with more complex stores & funnels, ReConvert is very simple to implement.” says Jacob.

Small tweaks that have a massive impact on your bottom line
"At our growth rate, even seemingly small tweaks can have a massive impact on our bottom line. ReConvert has allowed us to generate tens of thousands of extra dollars in sales with very little effort. It's an easy win that every merchant needs to know about."
Yaw Okyere
Founder & CEO

The Result

A 15-minute time investment that generated an additional £21,000+ and collect 15,000+ customer birthdays

Over the first 30-day period, ReConvert generated over £21,000 in additional sales for Yaw’s business. Ava Estell’s post-purchase conversion rate stood at a whopping 8%, with those who converted, adding an average of £51 to their order value.

On top of immediate extra revenue, Ava Estell collected 15,000+ customer birthdays on their thank you page. Combined with their Klaviyo automation, this flow achieved an average open rate of 51% and click rate of 9% - generating an additional $7,268 in the last 6 months.

“Hardly any companies are doing the birthday thing - it’s such an easy win to implement” says Yaw - who now reads daily thank you responses from happy customers on their special day.

With exceptional results like this, what’s Jacob’s advice for people who are considering implementing ReConvert?

“ReConvert is special in that it’s one of the only Shopify apps I can  implement that gets measurable results in less than 24 hours. Just get going - don’t think about trying to optimize everything or build the perfect funnel - launch something quickly, get results and optimize from there.”

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