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Selling plants online might sound like a crazy idea. After all, eCommerce can be stressful enough without having to remember to physically water your products. But that didn’t phase Sven Jakelj and the passionate team at feey who, for the past fifteen months, have been reimagining how consumers buy plants. Using a plant-buying quiz, integrated VR to help customers visitors visualize plants at home and even a dedicated plant doctor – feey have created a one of a kind plant shopping experience.
Flawil, Switzerland

The Problem

How to Increase AOV without bombarding shoppers with offers

The cost of delivering a stand-out customer experience (custom packaging, ongoing support) can quickly eat up margins – especially in plant retail where the margins aren’t huge to start with.

Feey realized this early on. Rather than skimp on product quality, they quickly set about ways to increase their average order value and bump up profitability.

However, after looking at various upsell and cross-sell solutions for Shopify, they found that most of them seemed to impede the customer’s experience.

“We chose ReConvert because it allows us to upsell in a way that’s not cheesy, or pushy” says Sven.

“It’s more natural to sell to someone who’s already bought from you, rather than bombard random browsers with offers they have no interest in”

Feey also realized that the thank you page is the first touchpoint between their brand and new customers – so they wanted to create a memorable experience that would encourage customers to come back again.

The Solution

A personalized post-purchase experience that wows customers

Feey knew if they could get customers to add two or three plants to the order they’d offset their high costs and increase profitability.

Analysing the data, they figured out which plants customers were most likely to buy together and set up specific thank you page triggers and recommendations based on customer behavior.

They used Reconvert’s cross-selling widget to offer other complimentary products such as watering cans, plant fertilizers and pruning knives.

As well as focusing on boosting AOV, feey boosted their retention efforts by using ReConvert’s video widget to add special thank you based videos that are triggered based on the number of purchases.

Each video thanks customers, builds rapport and hints that there might be another video waiting for customers after their next purchase.

A real connection with our customers
“At feey, we’re always trying to create those ‘wow’ moments for customers. ReConvert allows us to transform our thank you page from a placeholder into an asset that, not only allows us to upsell, but also build a real connection with our customers”
Sven Jakelj

The Result

A whopping 7% thank you page conversion rate & more importantly - happier customers

“Within 30 minutes we had our first thank you page upsell” says Sven.

Feey’s use of triggers to personalize offers paid off – at the time of writing they’re currently getting a ~7% conversion rate on post-purchase offers – which translates to a 1,492% return on investment against the costs of using ReConvert.

What’s more, their thank you page videos make each shopping experience more personalized and memorable for each shopper – moving customers closer to their brand and boosting the odds they’ll come back to buy again.

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