How to Optimize Your Order Confirmation Page For Better Results (With Examples)

Your eCommerce store’s goal is to convert visitors into customers. 

So, it’s wise to pour time and attention into optimizing every aspect of your store in pursuit of that goal.

But what gets less attention is what happens after you make a sale. 

Think about it - your customer has just invested time in browsing, filling out forms and handing over their hard earned money.

But typically they're left with a flat experience on the order confirmation page. What a shame it is to let all those valuable impressions go to waste!

In this post, we’ll explore eight strategies that’ll allow you to make your order confirmation page work for you and your customers. 

We’ll cover how to:

  • Add upsells and cross-sells to boost AOV and increase profitability
  • Gather customer feedback and deliver a better customer experience
  • Capture birthday information to build loyalty and drive repeat purchases
  • Use personalized videos to reduce post-purchase dissonance
  • Streamline your checkout by moving account creation to post-purchase
  • Display shipping updates and reduce the burden on your support
  • Encourage social sharing to get free clout from customers

So if you’re ready to optimize your eCommerce checkout page, grab a coffee and let’s jump in!


What is an Order Confirmation Page?

An image of a basic shopify order confirmation page

An order confirmation page is the page you show to customers after they’ve completed their purchase. The order confirmation page plays an essential role in providing peace of mind for shoppers that you’ve received their order.

A standard order confirmation page has the following elements:

  • An order confirmation message
  • The customers order ID
  • An order summary outlining the contents of the order
  • The customer’s shipping and billing information
  • Order tracking and customer support options

While all of this does a good job of quelling customer anxiety, there’s a lot you can do to get more from your order confirmation page.

From generating more sales, to promoting referrals, let’s keep going to find out how you can leverage your order confirmation page for more sales!

Why Does the Order Confirmation Page Matter?

No matter what your conversion goal, your order confirmation page represents a massive opportunity.

Think about it; most merchants pour hours into optimizing every step of their front-end conversion funnel. They spend hours tweaking ads and optimizing landing pages to drive more traffic and sales.

But hardly anyone thinks about what happens after they make a sale. This is crazy when you consider that:

  • Purchase intent is at all-time high on your order confirmation page
  • If your order confirmation page was an email it would have 100% open rate

So, if you’ve got a standard order confirmation page, it’s fair to say you’re letting a lot of high intent impressions go to waste.

Seriously, a properly optimized order confirmation page can be used to help you:

  • Boost AOV and order profitability
  • Drive more customer referrals
  • Build customer retention and loyalty
  • Reduce the burden on support
  • Reduce order return rate

What’s more, optimizing your order confirmation page is easy. You don’t need any special skills to create a post-purchase experience that’ll delight your customers and help you reach your goals.

So, let’s keep going to learn how to implement eight powerful thank you page optimizations that’ll turn your order confirmation page from a placeholder into a revenue-generating asset.

How to Optimize Your Order Confirmation Page

Like skinning a cat, there’s several ways to optimize your order confirmation page. In this section, you’ll learn specific strategies that’ll drive immediate results.

1. Add Upsells & Cross-Sells

Most retailers understand the benefits of cross-selling. But throwing a bunch of related products in a visitor's face can actually impede the customer journey.

By moving cross-sells and upsells to the order confirmation page, you get the best of both worlds: an additional sale opportunity, without the risk of scuttling conversions.

What’s more, on the confirmation page, shoppers can buy additional products without re-entering payment or shipping details. 

An example of cross-sells on an order confirmation page
An example of cross-sells on an order confirmation page

An example of cross-sells on an order confirmation page

Plus, you can also lazer-target your product recommendations based on characteristics like: order contents, order frequency, high spending customers etc.

You can even boost conversions higher with scarcity elements like countdown timers. Think about an offer like ‘Get 25% off a second item for the next 10 minutes”.

Essentially, post-purchase upselling on your thank you page presents a seamless way to boost your AOV, generate more revenue and create a smoother front-end shopping experience.

2. Collect Customer Information via Surveys

Want to know what your customers are thinking at the exact moment of conversion? Or perhaps you’d like to know more about them so you can tailor marketing efforts?

Whatever you’d like to learn about your audience, the order confirmation page is the perfect place to add a post-purchse survey.

An imge of a post purchase survey on the order confirmation page
Harry's use post purchase survey on the order confirmation page to segment new customers

Traditionally, retailers gather feedback via post-purchase emails. However, this is plagued by two problems:

  • Dismally low response rates
  • Low information accuracy

A post-purchase survey on your order confirmation page addresses both these problems. Customers are more likely to respond. Plus, responses are more accurate because the experience is fresh in the customer’s mind.

3. Collect Customer Birthdays

Everyone likes to get something special on their birthday. And your customers are no different. 

A birthday email campaign from H&M

Customer birthday information, combined with email automation, means you can send personalized offers. These emails move customers closer to your brand, and back for another purchase.

And the perfect place to collect birthday information? Your order confirmation page. Especially if you present it in a way like Let us know your birthday, and we’ll send you a special gift!’ 

A gif of a birthday collector on an eCommerce confirmation page
ReConvert makes it easy to collect customer birthday's on the order confirmation page

For example, cosmetics brand Ava Estelle deployed the ReConvert birthday widget on their order confirmation page. 

In less than six months, they’d collected over 15,000 birthday emails and generated almost £8,000 in additional revenue from a simple email automation built in Klaviyo. 

Not to mention hundreds of emails from delighted customers thanking them for their kind wishes. 

So, if you’re looking for one of the simplest ways to build brand loyalty and drive repeat purchases, don’t sleep on birthday emails

4. Build Relationships with Triggered Videos

Using videos on your order confirmation page is another great way to build better customer relationships.

See, most order confirmation pages are impersonal and cold. Which isn’t the first impression you want customers to have.

What’s more, post-purchase dissonance - the regret that happens after making a purchase - is a real thing. 

Failing to minimize the impact of post-purchase dissonance can wreak havoc on your bottom line, increasing your return rate and reducing your repeat purchase rate.

So, how do you build a better post-purchase experience? One of the best ways is to add personalized videos to your order confirmation page.

An example of adding a video to your ecommerce confirmation page

For example, plant retailer Feey uses their thank you page to combat post-purchase dissonance by adding trigger-based videos to the page.

Feey segments their customers by order quantity and plant type. So, the first video welcomes new customers, with a personalized video from their founder. 

On the second order, customers get thanked and get bonus tips about what to expect from their plants as they grow.

Getting a personalized video instantly forms a bond between Feey and their customers because it’s so unexpected. The customer feels like the brand really cares about them.

Some other clever tactics might be to add customer testimonials or unboxings. Get creative and see what you can come up with.

4. Allow Account Creation

Anything you can do to reduce complexity at checkout, will typically boost your conversion rate.

Moving account creation to the order confirmation page streamlines your checkout experience and makes it more likely to get a sale.

On the checkout page, you already have most of the details required to create a customer account. So, it’s possible to reduce account creation to a single entry password form.

Gymshark make it easy to create an ccount on the order confirmation page

“Don't gate your checkout behind an account because it's a frustrating barrier.” Says Yusuf Shurbaji, co-founder of Shopify Plus Agency Prismfly.

“Instead, promote account creation when it is most valuable - i.e. after purchase where creating an account is a means of saving and re-accessing valuable information later." He adds.

5. Promote Your Referral or Loyalty Program

Similar to account creation, your order confirmation page is the ideal place to promote your referral or loyalty program. 

The timing is impeccable when compared with trying to promote your programs via email or sms. Especially if you frame it as an offer that’s limited to the transaction such as “claim double points on your purchase when you sign-up now”

An example of an rder confirmation page from GAP
Gap promote thier loyalty program on the order confirmation page

For some reason, loyalty programs are overlooked in many Shopify marketing strategies. But this seems strange when you consider that 66% of customers state that the ability to earn rewards increases their spending behavior. 

So use your checkout page as an opportunity to promote your programs. It’s the phase of the customer journey when they’re most likely to convert. And it will help you drive repeat purchases and increase customer lifetime value.

6. Add Shipping Updates

Data from ReConvert shows that stores who add order tracking to their order confirmation page are viewed on average 2.2 times per order.

Order tracking is something that customers value - and by presenting on your order confirmation page, you’ll keep them coming back for updates. 

Not only does this create a simplified post-purchase experience for shoppers, but it also means you get more impressions on the checkout page.

And no matter what the goal of your checkout page, more impressions typically translate to more conversions. 

Twice provides easy order tracking on thier order confirmation page

With ReConvert, you can even change the checkout page you display, based on the number of times a customer views it. So you could experiment displaying different offers on each visit to drive conversions higher.

Plus, with self-service order tracking, you’ll also reduce the burden of support on your customer care agents.

7. Enable Social Sharing

Customers love to flaunt their purchases on social media. So, that makes your order confirmation page the perfect place to give them the opportunity to do so.

Eyewear brand Warby Parker does an excellent job, encouraging customers to share new purchases with their friends and family. It’s a hybrid referral and social sharing campaign.

an image of a order confirmation page survey rom Warby Parker

What’s interesting here is that they use a pre-written message. So customers don’t have to do anything to share it on their social accounts or via email.

Plus, Warby Parker incentivises the customer via the promise of free surprises for any of their followers who place an order.

It's a great way to get free reach and impressions from your customers. Plus, it’s not just reach and impressions - it’s a socially infused word of mouth recommendation for your brand.

Optimize Your Order eCommerce Confirmation Page Today

Your order confirmation page is fertile ground for growth. Traditionally, it’s the least optimized page in any brand’s customer journey.

However, it’s also the stage when customers are most likely to convert on various different types of offers and marketing strategies. 

Most retailers spend hours optimizing their ads, landing pages, product pages and checkout flow. But few capitalize on one of the most valuable pieces of digital real estate in the eCommerce world.

With a few simple optimizations, you can turn your humdrum order confirmation page into an asset that helps you reach your business goals.


Order Confirmation Page FAQ

Let’s quickly cover some of the most commonly asked questions related to order confirmation pages in general, as well as Shopify order confirmation pages.

How do I add an order confirmation on Shopify?

To add an order confirmation on Shopify, navigate to your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout, and under the Order processing section, customize the Order Confirmation Page. You can edit the content and design to match your brand and provide relevant order details.

How do I add a code to my order confirmation page on Shopify?

To add code to your order confirmation page on Shopify, go to your Shopify admin, choose Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code. Locate the "Sections" folder and edit the "order-status.liquid" file. Insert your code where needed, ensuring it aligns with Shopify's guidelines to maintain functionality.

How do I create an order tracking page in Shopify?

To create an order tracking page in Shopify, go to your Shopify admin, navigate to Online Store > Pages, and create a new page. Title it appropriately, such as "Order Tracking." Add relevant tracking information or integrate a tracking app. Save the page, and make sure to link it from the Order Confirmation Page for customer accessibility.

How do I see my order confirmation email on Shopify?

To view your order confirmation email on Shopify, go to your Shopify admin, select Settings > Notifications. Under the "Order notifications" section, locate the "Order Confirmation" email. You can preview and customize the email content to ensure it contains all necessary order details.

How do I send an order confirmation?

Order confirmations are automatically sent by Shopify. To ensure they're enabled, go to Settings > Notifications in your Shopify admin. Confirm that the "Order Confirmation" notification is active. Customers receive these emails once an order is successfully placed, providing them with a detailed summary of their purchase.

What is an Order Confirmation Page?

An Order Confirmation Page is a web page displayed after a customer completes an online purchase. It confirms the details of the order, providing reassurance and serving as a receipt for the transaction.

What is a Confirmation Page?

A Confirmation Page is a digital page acknowledging the completion of a specific action, such as submitting a form, signing up, or making a purchase. It serves to confirm the user's intent and often includes relevant details or next steps.

What is an Order Confirmation?

An Order Confirmation is a document or message confirming the successful placement of an order. It typically includes order details, a summary of items purchased, and transaction information. Customers receive this confirmation via email or on the Order Confirmation Page.

What is an Online Confirmation Page?

An Online Confirmation Page is a webpage that confirms the successful completion of an online action, ranging from transactions to form submissions. It provides users with immediate feedback, reducing uncertainty and enhancing the overall user experience.

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