Shopify One Click Upsell: How to Add Frictionless Offers Customers Can’t Resist

Looking to add a Shopify one click upsell to your store?

That’s awesome - because one click upsells are arguably the most powerful sales strategies to boost your average order value and profit margin.

In this article, you’ll learn what a Shopify one click upsell is, how to add one click upsells to your store and the best practices to help you get more sales.

Sounds good? Let’s jump in!

What is a Shopify One Click Upsell?

A one click upsell on Shopify is a post-purchase offer you serve to customers immediately after they’ve completed checkout, but before they reach your thank you page.

The beauty of a one click upsell is that customers don’t have to re-enter their payment details. In just a single click, customers can accept and pay for your offer. 

Such a frictionless experience means it’s possible to get freakishly high conversion rates on your one-click upsell offers.

For example, let’s say you sell running shoes but want to make more margin. After a customer buys a pair of shoes, you could offer them 25% off a pack of running socks.

Or let’s imagine you sell craft beers and want to promote your new product. You can use one click-upper to advertise it to customers with a 10% off post-purchase discount.

Alternatively, let’s say you sell t-shirts, but you have trouble offloading old stock. When a customer completes checkout, you can offer them cost-price tees to start clearing out your excess inventory.

All of these are examples of Shopify one click upsells. You can use one click upsells to achieve many business goals - so let’s talk about some of the reasons why you should add them to your conversion arsenal today.

Shopify One Click Upsell Benefits

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you probably start with ‘why?’. Why is it a good idea to add one click upsells to your Shopify store? Well, there are several reasons to consider when adding one click upsell (OCU) offers:

1. More Revenue

The first and most obvious reason to add one click upsells is they generate significant revenue for your business. By tempting a segment of customers to buy complementary products or services during checkout, you increase your average order value and boost your bottom line.

2. Healthier Profit Margins

While more revenue is always good - one of the core benefits of adding one click upsells is that it has a direct impact on your profit margin. You can increase your bottom line without investing more money in driving more traffic. One click upsells amplify and scale with all your other marketing efforts.

3. Offload Dead-Stock

One click upsells are the perfect place to offload dead stock at a discount. Customers who’ve just bought from you are highly likely to convert again. Offering slow-moving products at a steep discount is a great way to recoup your initial cost to buy them.

4. Better Customer Experience

One-click upsells can actually improve the customer experience by offering relevant and complementary products that customers may not have considered before. If the upsell is a good fit for the customer, they may appreciate the suggestion and be more likely to make another purchase in the future.

How to Add a One click Upsell on Shopify

You’re probably thinking ‘this all sounds great, but isn’t this super hard to implement?’ Thankfully, the answer is no. Adding one click upsells on Shopify couldn’t be easier and only takes a couple of minutes.

1. Add ReConvert from the Shopify App Store

The first step is to head over to the app store and add ReConvert. There’s a few options when it comes to one click upsell apps - but we think that ReConvert is the best one click upsell app for Shopify. 

Why ReConvert? Well for starters it’s the most popular upsell app - with nearly 4,000 five star reviews and over 30,000 monthly users. 

Plus, it’s also trusted by some of the best Shopify stores - like bidet retailer Tushy who used the app to add an extra $191,786 in sales each month.

2. Create A One Click-Upsell Funnel

Once installed, find ReConvert in the apps section of your Shopify dashboard. Click the app, then navigate to the funnels tab.

Here you can choose Reconvert’s template ‘Conversion Monster Funnel’, or you can create your own funnel from scratch by clicking ‘Create a new funnel’.

If you’re new to one click upsells, and want a quick set-up choose the conversion monster funnel. If you want to create something more custom, then we recommend creating your own funnel to reach your specific goals.

Now you want to build the flow your customers go through when they complete checkout. The funnel builder is pretty intuitive - If you’ve used any email automation software it’ll be super familiar for you.

Your funnel is the flow that customers go through when they successfully complete a checkout. Use the funnel editor to:

  • Create triggers and customer segments where you want them. 
  • Create filters and exclusions to prevent showing your offer to the wrong audience.
  • Add upsells and downsells to capture more revenue
  • Direct customers to the thank you page at the right moment.

Building a one-click upsell funnel is super easy. Here's a video of ReConvert's very own CEO Ariyeh showing you how to do it:

3. Create Your One Click Upsell Offer

Next let’s create the offers that make up your OCU funnel. Here you’ll decide what products you want to offer, what discount you’ll set and other things like how you want your one click upsell to appear.

ReConvert has several helpful tools to allow you to build the best converting funnel. For example, ReConvert integrates with tools like Wiser, so you can suggest products based on the shopper’s browsing history. Here's another video showing you the ins and outs of the offer editor:

4. Analyze and Optimize Your One Click Upsell Funnels

Once you’ve launched a post-purchase upsell funnel, it’s time to optimize it. You’ll find your overall upsell performance on ReConvert’s dashboard:

But you can also break down performance by each funnel. This allows you to test various funnels against each other and see what works best.

For example, you might try a 10% discount vs a 20% discount and see if the extra money off translates into a more profitable offer. Or you may discover that giving away an extra 10% in revenue isn’t worth the small boost in conversions and a smaller discount is actually more profitable.

8 Shopify One Click Upsell Best Practices

While every eCommerce store is different, there are a few common principles that all great one click upsells have in common. Here’s the playbook for creating offers that convert like crazy.

1. Offer a Bundle of Discount

Offering a discount or bundle deal can make the upsell offer more attractive to customers and increase the chances of a successful upsell. By providing a discount or bundle deal, customers perceive that they are getting a better value for their money and are more likely to accept the offer.

2. Suggest Complementary Products

Make sure that the upsell offer is relevant and complementary to the customer's initial purchase. This increases the chances of the customer accepting the offer. For example, potato fries are relevant and complimentary cross-sell to a burger. Batteries are a relevant and complimentary addition to a smoke alarm. Offer products that compliment each other and you’ll enjoy much higher conversion rates.

3. Use Data to Personalize Offers

Use data such as customer behavior and purchase history to personalize your upsell offer. This increases the chances of the customer accepting the offer. Amazon is a master of this - they attribute up to 30% of their revenue to personalized recommendations. ReConvert integrates with several apps such as Wiser, to help you offer personalized upsell recommendations.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

A sense of urgency will drive your OCU conversions higher. When you make your offers exclusive to the transaction, customer’s think ‘If I don’t claim this now, I might lose it’. That innate loss-aversion helps nudge more shoppers to accept your offers. Something as simple as a five minute countdown timer can be useful here.

5. Use Persuasive Language & Visuals

Using persuasive language and visuals is important to highlight the benefits of the upsell product. By using clear language and compelling visuals such as images and videos, you can showcase the product and its features, and make the offer more attractive to customers.

6. Keep Your Offer Simple

When presenting an upsell offer, it's important to keep the offer simple and easy to understand. A complicated or confusing offer may frustrate customers or cause them to abandon the checkout process altogether. To keep the offer simple and clear, use concise language and avoid using industry jargon or technical terms. 

7. Create an Upsell Funnel

Instead of simply offering one post-purchase upsell, it’s better to create a funnel. With a funnel you can capture more conversions. For example,  if a customer declines your OCU offer, you can serve them a less expensive downsell offer. On the flip-side, If a customer accepts your offer, you can show them another offer to capture even more revenue.

8. Test, Test & Test Again

Testing and optimizing your one-click upsell offers can help you increase their effectiveness and boost revenue for your Shopify store. Use A/B or multivariate testing to experiment with different types of offers, visuals, and messaging, and analyze metrics like conversion rate and revenue to identify the most successful upsell strategies. Regularly monitor and update your one-click upsell offers to ensure they remain relevant and effective for your audience.

How to Power-Up Your Shopify One Click Upsells

While one-click upsells on Shopify are powerful, what if there was a way to make them even more effective?

Well, thankfully there is! By sandwiching your one click upsell in between two other types of upsell - checkout upsells and thank you page upsells - you can build an entire upselling journey for customers that’ll supercharge your average order value.

Add Checkout Upsells

Checkout upsells are products that you offer customers as they’re checking out. Here’s a solid example from clothing brand Taylor Stitch - as you’re checking out, you’re offered to add a wallet to your order. 

If you’re on Shopify Plus, you can use ReConvert to easily add this functionality to your store.

Add Thank You Page Upsells

After your customer accepts or declines your one click upsell, they’re redirected to your thank you page.

When a customer lands here, it’s the perfect opportunity to serve them with even more offers and product recommendations.

Data from ReConvert shows that customers return to view your thank you page an average of 2.2 times per order. And you can use triggers to create new pages for each visit, too.

Or you can use your thank you page for other conversion goals like collecting customers birthdays, running customer surveys or encouraging social shares.

Whatever your goal is, your thank you page is one of the most underutilized and unoptimized pieces of real estate in your ecommerce marketing funnel.

Use The Best One Click Upsell App for Shopify Today!

In conclusion, adding a Shopify one click upsell to your store can be a great way to boost revenue, profit margins, and improve customer experience. 

By offering complementary products or services during checkout, you increase your average order value and scale your marketing efforts. One click upsells also allow you to offload dead stock and improve customer satisfaction. 

Adding one click upsells on Shopify is easy and takes just a few minutes with ReConvert, the most popular upsell app with thousands of positive reviews and trusted by some of the best Shopify stores. 

With ReConvert, you can create your own funnel, set up triggers and customer segments, add upsells and downsells, and direct customers to the thank you page at the right moment. Start experimenting with one click upsells to see how much you can improve your business.

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