11 of the Best eCommerce Influencers to Learn From (2024)

eCommerce influencers are everywhere these days. But with so many competing voices how do you stay focused and curate only the best in the business? 

Well, in this post we dive into an exclusive list that compiles the sharpest minds in e-commerce, spanning marketing mavens, strategic wizards, and Shopify sorcerers. 

It's time to transform your content diet and glean insights from the trendsetters who are rewriting the rules of online commerce. 

Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride through the dynamic world of e-commerce expertise, where each influencer is a beacon lighting the path to success in the digital marketplace. 

Let's meet the game-changers together!

The Best eCommerce influencers to follow

No matter if you’re thinking about starting your first eCommerce store or are a veteran of the industry, you need to follow these eCommerce influencers.

Following the right eCommerce influencers can transform your social media experience from a waste of time, into a learning experience. So, without further ado, let’s jump in.

1. Harry Dry - Marketing Examples

a marketing example from ecommerce influencer harry dry

Harry Dry is a multi-disciplinary marketing genius. He’s the founder of marketing examples - the home of short, sweet, practical marketing. 

Follow Harry for insightful examples of all things digital marketing. With impressive visuals (we love the infographics) and concise, practical advice, you’ll find lots of inspiration to help you build, launch and scale a successful ecommerce store.

Harry’s marketing examples are active on twitter, their blog, their newsletter, and also on Instagram

2. Davie Fogarty - Serial eCommerce entrepreneur

Davie Fogarty, the entrepreneurial force behind the Davie Group, is the mastermind behind successful e-commerce brands such as The Oodie, Pupnaps, and Calming Blankets. 

With The Oodie alone generating over $400 million in revenue by 2022, Davie has proven his prowess in the industry. 

On his Twitter, Davie generously imparts insights into e-commerce marketing, agency collaboration, productivity, hiring, and revenue growth. 

His Instagram presence offers video takes on these topics, and his YouTube channel boasts over 200+ guides covering everything from Christmas marketing strategies to running great eCommerce retargeting ads

Davie Fogarty's commitment to sharing valuable knowledge and his exceptional success in building e-commerce empires solidify his position as one of the best eCommerce influencers you should follow this year.

3. Arie Scherson - Shopify eCommerce Influencer

Arie Schereson is a serial eCommerce founder who shares weekly tips and strategies on his YouTube channel.

Arire got into the eCommerce game via dropshipping around 2016. Since then he’s grown multiple seven figure brands and expanded into consulting via his eCommerce agency Akemi labs. We love the relevance and practical-nature of his advice.

We’ve also listed his Shopify course among our favorites for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs alike. He also runs a discord channel where you can network with other shopify entrepreneurs and learn more game-changing tactics to help you promote your Shopify store.

4. Tobi Lutke - CEO & Co-founder of Shopify

Tobi Lütke is a Canadian entrepreneur, CEO, and the co-founder of Shopify. His journey into entrepreneurship began when he and his co-founders started an online snowboarding equipment store called Snowdevil.

During the process of building their own ecommerce website for Snowdevil, Tobi Lütke and his team faced challenges with existing platforms, which led them to develop their own solution. 

This initiative eventually evolved into the creation of Shopify in 2006. Under Tobi Lütke's leadership, Shopify grew rapidly, becoming one of the most popular e-commerce platforms globally.

Follow Tobi on twitter for regular shopify and eCommerce-related updates, insights and opinion.

5. Alex Hormozi - Sales Psychology & Motivation

Alex Hormozi is a dynamic entrepreneur known for his contributions to the fitness and business worlds. 

As the founder of Gym Launch, he revolutionized fitness business strategies. Now as owner of acquisition.com he’s an avid educator. Alex shares insights on growth, marketing, and entrepreneurship, making a significant impact in both the fitness and business communities.

While he’s not technically an eCommerce influencer, he’s earned a spot on this list as his ideas on sales and entrepreneurship are applicable to all ventures. Follow him on Instagram or twitter for a daily dose of inspiration and useful reminders to stay focused on the fundamentals.

6. Chase Diamond - eCommerce email marketing

A twitter post from eCommerce influencer Chase Diamond

Meet Chase Diamond, a dynamic figure in the realm of e-commerce who specialized in the art and science of email marketing. He’s generated over $150M in sales via email marketing for eCommerce brands since 2018.

Chase covers topics such as copywriting, cart abandonment, welcome email sequences, subject line ideas, and subscriber engagement. His twitter threads are long, packed with examples, and always share easy ways to implement his tips.

If you’re looking to level-up your Shopify email marketing game and generate a massive ROI, then Chase is a must follow eCommerce influencer.

Chase is active on twitter and LinkedIn. But we’d also recommend subscribing to his weekly newsletter to ensure you never miss his golden nuggets of advice.

7. Jordan Welch - Shopify eCommerce Influencer 

Jordan Welch is an inspiring eCommerce influencer. Jordan started selling sneakers in high school. 

After many highs and lows in his entrepreneurial journey, including having his business partner steal his business and money and living off food stamps, Jordan eventually built an eCommerce store that changed his life.

On Jordan’s Youtube channel he shares his story, as well as tons of practical tips on topics like how to find a winning product, how to run ads and more. 

We love Jordan’s content for its hands-on strategies and it’s entertainment value. You’ll always leave feeling like you’ve gained a fresh perspective on how to build a successful eCom business. 

8. Nik Sharma - Operator of several 7-figure eCommerce brands

Nik Sharma is a serial entrepreneur, investor and D2C expert who consults with several of the world’s fastest growing eCommerce brands including Caraway and Feastables. His Twitter is a fantastic source of practical and timely eCommerce advice.

Follow Nik to learn about his client wins, growth experiments and lessons learned. We particularly like how Nik uses screenshots and examples to explain his ideas and threads. Plus, he also shares new and exciting Shopify apps and tools that’ll help you sell more.

Nik also runs an amazing weekly newsletter on eCommerce branding - which is a great source of practical advice for novices and experts alike. 

9. Harry Coleman - 7-figure dropshipping veteran

If you’re looking for practical dropshipping tips, Harry Coleman (aka Beast of eCom) is one of the best eCommerce influencers to follow. 

Harry’s YouTube and Instagram channels are a tremendous source of information on everything from finding winning products to breakdowns of the best dropshipping stores.

What we particularly love is Harry’s personal story. At a low-point in his life, he learned the ropes of dropshipping. Within a few years, he’d transformed his situation. Creating several outstandingly successful businesses from scratch. Harry is still dropshipping today, and he adapts his strategies, so you’re sure to get timely, useful information from his channel.

10. Taylor Holiday - eCommerce agency owner & Tech entrepreneur

Taylor Holiday is the CEO of high-performance eCommerce agency Common Thread Collective. Here at ReConvert, we’re massive fans of their data-backed blog posts (especially the bespoke visuals).

But Taylor’s personal accounts are also a valuable source of learning if you’re interested in the science behind scaling brands. Taylor regularly shares in-depth experiments about what’s working for fast-growing brands in the current eCommerce landscape.

Taylor also shares clips and learnings from the agency’s podcast, ‘The eCommerce Playbook’ - which is well worth checking out in its own right.

11. Zack Stuck - Serial eCommerce entrepreneur

Zack Stuck is the founder and CEO of Homestead. Homestead is a growth marketing agency that manages over $100M in annual advertising spend on behalf of eCommerce brands. 

If you’re looking for advice on how to improve your paid acquisition, Zack is a must follow. In addition to his agency work, Zack has also founded several high-performing eCommerce brands on Shopify and Amazon.

So, you can expect to get the latest and greatest growth strategies that’ll help you scale your own brand.

Follow the Best eCommerce Influencers Today

The beauty of the internet is that we have access to mentors and information which previously would have been impossible to get.

The problem is that we have unlimited access. This means that it can be hard to decipher whose opinion is right, and determine the best course of action. In reality, listening to a few expert voices is better than listening to hundreds of pieces of conflicting advice.

The eCommerce influencers listed above have the credentials to give advice. They provide proven strategies from the frontlines that can help you grow your business. By following these experts, you’ll transform your scrolling time into something a bit more productive. 

Remember, the most important thing is not information, but what you do with it. So, if you see an interesting strategy or novel approach, take action and test it for yourself. What started with a simple follow, might just end up being the linchpin that 10X your annual revenue.

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