25 of the Best Free Shopify Apps to Try This Year

Shopify apps are the tools that can take a good store and turn it into a great one. And what’s better than Shopify apps? Free Shopify apps, of course!

A few handy apps could take your bottom line through the roof – And the best thing is that plenty of the best ones don’t cost a dime.

With that being said, there are so many apps available today that it can be hard to know which ones are worthwhile.

In this guide, we’ll cover the best 24 apps that you can add to your store for free today.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

What are Free Shopify Apps for?

Shopify is a great ecommerce platform, no doubt about it.

But even Shopify doesn’t have all the tools a merchant might need right out of the box.

Shopify’s default functions aren’t equipped to support an online store moving hundreds or thousands of products a day.

To do that, you’ll need to use Shopify apps to boost the store’s functionality.

Shopify apps each come with a set of additional features for Shopify stores. They can do anything from changing the design and layout to automating order fulfillment.

Why Should You Use Free Shopify Apps?

While many of the best Shopify apps are locked behind a paywall, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a decent list of great free options.

Free Shopify apps can help you to raise your conversions and AOV without raising your overhead costs. If you’re just starting out and haven’t got capital to invest, free apps are an awesome way to add extra functionality to your store.

But Wait…Are Free Shopify Apps Actually Good?

With online and offline tools, you often get what you pay for.

Free offers tend to be lower-quality than their paid alternatives, but that isn’t always the case with free Shopify apps.

In fact, some free apps are built just as well, if not better than their paid counterparts.

To find sucg hidden gems, you just need to know where to look. Luckily for you, this is just the right place to find them.

24 of The Best Free Shopify Apps in 2023

Let’s cover some of the best free Shopify apps that every merchant needs for their store.

We’ll organize the apps by category, starting with dropshipping. Although we’ve arranged the apps in categories, many of them are useful in multiple contexts. So, make sure to check them all out.

Let’s jump in!

The Best Free Shopify Apps for Dropshipping

Lots of dropshippers begin their eCommerce journey without a huge amount of capital to invest. So, if that’s you, here’s four free Shopify apps that’ll add serious value, with no expense.

1. Printify

First up on the list is Printify.

Printify is an app perfect for businesses that use print-on-demand services to source their products, and it’s a perfect segue for dropshippers to delve into branding their own products.

The app is free to install and lets you generate mockups, create unlimited designs, and has 24/7 merchant support too.

App Name: PrintifyApp

Store Rating:4.4/5

Best For:Dropshippers looking to improve branding, Print-on-Demand Stores

App Store Link:Install Printify here

2. DSers

Dsers is another excellent choice for dropshipping businesses.

With the shutdown of Oberlo, plenty of merchants have had to find an alternative app to help import products directly from Aliexpress.

Luckily, DSers is the perfect tool to get that job done.

The free plan allows you to import/bulk order products from Aliexpress, manage up to three stores, and automates your tracking too.

Store Rating:4.9/5

Best For:Dropshipping Stores

App Store Link:Install DSers here

3. Ali Reviews

AliReviews is the perfect addition to any dropshipping store.

The app has one focus, boosting your store’s reviews.

You can use Ali Reviews to import product reviews from Aliexpress straight into your store so you can take advantage of the social proof that’s already there.

The free plan allows you to import up to 10 reviews per month and supports up to 60 orders in total.

The Starter plan comes at just under $10 per month, allows bulk review importing, and boosts the order numbers to 200.

App Store Rating:4.9/5

Best For:Dropshipping stores that source products from Aliexpress

App Store Link:Install Ali Reviews here

4. AutoDS

AutoDS is another dropshipping app that’s similar to DSers or Oberlo – but it’s probably the best dropshipping app in our experience.

With AutoDS, automation is the name of the game – you don’t need to spend hours finding trending products – you can simply import hundreds of proven products in a couple of clicks.

What’s more, you can automate everything from product importation, to order fulfillment and product page edits with over 25 global dropshipping suppliers, including Amazon, Walmart and AliExpress.

One of the best features is built-in Enjoy pricing and stock monitoring – which means there’s no need to update them yourself.

App Store Rating:4.8/5

Best For:Dropshipping Stores

App Store Link:Install AutoDS here

The Best Free Shopify Apps for Store Design

The next category of apps we’ll be covering are design apps.

These apps can help you customize your online store aesthetic to better match your brand and voice.

We’ll also include apps that help edit menus and UI for a smoother user experience.

1. EComposer Landing Page Builder

EComposer- The Next Generation page builder, is an excellent tool for you to create unlimited all stunning types of pages.

EComposer provides you about 100+ premade page and 190+ section templates, countless libraries of elements, extensions and integrated widgets.

With the massively intuitive drag-and-drop editor, It’s a must-have page builder app for merchants who want to create and customize their Pro online stores easily and fast.

App Name: EComposer Landing Page Builder

App Store Rating: 5.0/5

Best For: Any Shopify stores (beginner friendly)

App Store Link: Install EComposer Landing Page builder here

2. Variant Option Product Options

Variant Option allows you to add an unlimited amount of options to your products.

This helps merchants add variants like sizes, colors, styles, and more.

It’s a super useful app for merchants who have products with a long list of variants as it’ll let you store them all under one product page.

App Store Rating:4.7/5

Best For:Stores with plenty of variant products

App Store Link:Install Variant Option Product Options here

3. Hextom Free Shipping Bar

This free shipping bar app allows you to “gameify” the shopping process for customers.

With Hextom Shipping Bar, you can set progressive goals that update as users shop. Once they reach the threshold, they’ll get free shipping. (or whichever discount is on offer)

It’s one of the easiest ways to increase your AOV with minimal investment or effort.

App Store Rating:4.9/5

Best For:Any Shopify Store

App Store Link:Install Hextom Free Shipping Bar here

4. Mega Menu

Mega Menu allows merchants to take store UI into their own hands.

With Mega Menu, you’ll have a whole list of customization options to add to each store menu, including the option to implement product ads within sections.

Overall, it’s a great way to boost the customizability and UX of your store.

App Store Rating:4.8/5

Best For:Any Shopify Store

App Store Link:Install Mega Menu here

5. Wishlist hero

Wishlist Hero does exactly what you’d expect from the tin.

It allows you to add a wishlist function to your store, so customers can save products for later purchase.

The concept is pretty simple and Wishlist Hero delivers. It’s a great way to encourage customers to keep coming back.

App Store Rating:4.8/5

Best For:Any Shopify Store

App Store Link:Install Wishlist Hero here

6. Promo Video Maker

It’s pretty well-known that product videos help engage customers more than still images.

The problem is that hiring an editor can be quite the investment.

Promo Video Maker is a free Shopify app that enables merchants to create their own professional-level product videos.

The app also supports directly posting those videos straight to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

App Store Rating:4.7/5

Best For:Shopify merchants that want to add engaging product videos to their store

App Store Link:Install Promo Video Maker here

7. PageFly

PageFly is a full suite landing page builder for Shopify.

The app supports creating pages of any type, from About Us pages to product pages, you’ll have all the tools you need to get the job done.

It’s drag & drop, so the app is perfect for merchants who want to take a hands-on approach to store design without any coding knowledge.

It integrates well with plenty of apps too, which makes PageFly a great addition to any merchant’s toolkit.

App Store Rating:4.9/5

Best For:Shopify merchants that want to customize their store without coding knowledge

App Store Link:Install PageFly here

8. Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO

Another app from Hextom – Bulk Image Edit allows you to edit images in bulk to save time.

You can add watermarks, bulk crop, and even optimize images for SEO in groups at a time.

It’s an excellent way for any online seller to save valuable time and get everything done in one sweep.

App Store Rating:4.8/5

Best For:Any Shopify store

App Store Link:Install Bulk Image Edit here

The Best Free Shopify Apps to Increase Sales

1. Loox

Product reviews are worth more than gold to most ecommerce merchants.

After all, the best advertisement isn’t always PPC ad, but a great testimonial from a happy customer.

Loox helps you to get more great reviews way quicker than you would otherwise.

The app includes widgets to show off your reviews, automatic review requests, and even SEO support to earn more organic traffic.

One thing to note is that Loox isn’t free. However, they do offer a free trial and a $9.99 plan that’s well worth the cost for virtually any Shopify merchant.

App Store Rating:4.9/5

Best For:Any Shopify store

App Store Link:Install Loox here

2. Outfy

Outfy is a great free app to help merchants supercharge their social media game.

This app integrates with your social media channels and allows for automated posting across them. From gifs to collages and promo videos, Outfy helps you rake in plenty of customers through social media all on autopilot.

App Store Rating:4.9/5

Best For:Store with a social growth strategy

App Store Link:Install Outfly here

3. Trust Hero

Trust Hero is one of the most simple apps on this list.

It’s a free plugin that allows you to add trust badges to various pages on your store.

These trust badges help to decrease cart abandonment and increase customer trust. And the best thing about the app is that it’s 100% free with no hidden fees.

App Store Rating:4.4/5

Best For: Shopify Stores with high abandoned cart rates

App Store Link: Install Trust Hero here

4. ReConvert

Increasing your store’s AOV can be a tricky dilemma.

You could raise prices, but that might lead to a decrease in orders, which means you’re practically stuck in the same spot.

Getting more orders instead wouldn’t necessarily fix the problem either, since you’ll have to pay the CPA for each of those customers.

Instead, merchants who want higher AOVs across the board should focus on upselling and cross selling.

ReConvert is a free Shopify app that allows you to add Amazon-style thank you pages to the post-purchase process with just a few clicks.

These pages offer custom upsell offers to customers to help raise your store’s AOV.

And the great thing is that ReConvert only charges based on the money you generate from it, so you’ll never overpay.

App Store Rating:5/5

Best For:Any Shopify merchant that wants to increase their AOV

App Store Link: Install ReConvert here

5. Klaviyo

For practically every brand with an online presence, email marketing is where a huge portion of revenue comes from.

Which is why it’s so important to run email campaigns for your own store.

Klaviyo is an email marketing and SMS app for Shopify that lets you run automated campaigns through both text and email.

The campaigns allow you to use super detailed segmentation, so you can ensure that the right message lands with the right customer every time.

6. Omnisend

Email marketing is the king of ROI when it comes to the digital world.

So when it comes to apps, you’ll want to ensure your app is built to maximize conversions for the most effective price.

Omnisend is an email marketing app for Shopify that takes stores to the next level.

It serves as an All-in-one email marketing platform that’s completely free to get started with.

App Store Rating:4.7/5

Best For:Any Shopify store looking to boost its email marketing campaigns

App Store Link:Install Omnisend here

7. Yotpo Rewards and Referrals

Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards is an app that lets merchants introduce loyalty programs to their stores.

These loyalty programs allow customers to get rewards for return purchases and referrals, which helps merchants generate return sales and business.

And with a free plan available, there’s no reason not to add it to your store.

Yotpo Loyalty & RewardsApp Store Rating:4.7/5

Best For:Shopify stores that have trouble keeping long-term customers

App Store Link:Install Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards here

8. FirePush

FirePush introduces push notification and SMS campaigns to your store for a boost in revenue.

These campaigns can help to reel in abandoned carts and increase sales across the board.

It also allows you to send out emails and promo campaigns.

There’s a pro and a free plan available, but both of them help to add profit-generating features to your store.

App Store Rating:4.7/5

Best For:Shopify stores with high bounce rates

App Store Link:Install Firepush here

9. Poptin

Poptin is an app that brings pop ups to your store that can trigger for various circumstances.

One of the most popular ways to use it is with an exit-intent campaign.

When a customer is about to click off of your page, you can send a last-chance pop-up to reel them back in.

Poptin doesn’t just help customers with abandoned carts to come back, it stops the cart abandonment from happening in the first place.

App Store Rating:4.8/5

Best For:Shopify stores who want to frow thier email list

App Store Link:Install Poptin here

10. Blyp

Blyp is an app that aims to make analytics a streamlined process for merchants.

Instead of making decsisions based on guesswork, Blyp automates your analytics process to help you make informed decisions.

It gives recommendations on products you should bundle, ideal customer re-engagement windows, and even notifies merchants of 404 errors on their sites.

Overall, Blyp is a great app that takes away much of the manual work that comes with tracking your analytics.

App Store Rating: 5/5

Best For: Merchants who want actionable insights based off thier store's data

App Store Link: Install Blyp here

11. Avada SEO Suite

Avada SEO Suite is one of the most loved Shopify apps that will help you optimize your website and increase organic traffic.

This app offers you outstanding features that help speed up your website performance, optimize images with the right file format, and verify your website authority on search engines. No need to use a massive investment in SEO Ads, you can easily speed up your site and rocket your Shopify store sales.

With just one click, Avada SEO Suite can do all the work admins need to do for the optimization. Let's try it out and make your store a standard SEO website right away.

App Store Rating: 4.9/5

Best For: Merchants who want to boost their websites loading speed and enhance their stores SEO, leading to enhanced visibility and organic traffic.

App Store Link: Install Avada here

The Best Free Shopify Apps for Your Store’s Backend

Lastly, let’s cover a few of the best apps for the backend of your store.

1. 17TRACK Order, PayPal Tracking

17TRACK has been focusing on international package tracking for 11 years with the greatest traffic and widest coverage in the market. Use 17TRACK to offer lobal Order Tracking to reduce support requests, improve shopper experience, & upsell new products. Improve the shopper experience while increasing upsell & cross-sell opportunities! By providing a self-service tracking page, your customers can quickly answer the "Where is my order?" question without making any service requests. Status notifications and featured products on the tracking page drive incremental sales. Plus you can also decrease chargebacks & speed up funds release with PayPal Push.

App Store Rating: 5/5 (1,400+ reviews)

Best For: Shopify stores who want to offer a free global tracking solution for customers (& reduce the burden on customer support)

App Store Link: Install 17Track here

2. Shopify Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads is an app made by Shopify itself.

It’s a must-have for any merchants who sell digital products, as it allows you to plug them into your product pages seemlessly.

App Store Rating:3/5

Best For:Shopify stores that sell digital products

App Store Link:Install Digital Downloads here

3. Smart SEO

Smart SEO is an automated tool that helps to optimize your store for Google.

Instead of spending hours to fix the backend of your site, Smart SEO will help it appear in search results automatically by optimizing images, decreasing load times, and introducing metatags.

It’s a great way to get more organic traffic without a ton of effort or investment.

Store Rating:4.9/5

Best For:Shopify merchants who want more organic traffic

App Store Link:Install Smart SEO here

4. Multi-Currency Converter Hero

If your store gets orders from multiple countries, Multi Currency Converter Hero is a must have.

It’s a simple-as-can-be app that allows you to automatically switch currency types for customer abroad.

If your store operates internationally, this is an app you need yesterday.

App Store Rating:4.9/5

Best For:Any Shopify store that sells internationally

App Store Link:Install Multi-Currency Converter Hero here

Try The Best Free Shopify Apps Today

And there you have it, from store design to SEO assistance, there’s an app for just about any feature you’ll need in this list, and all of them have free options, so upfront cash isn’t a problem.

Think we missed an app that deserves to be on the list? Leave a comment and let us know which one you think should be included!

And if you found this guide helpful, make sure to read more content like it on the ReConvert blog!

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