15 of The Best Shopify Dropshipping Stores to Inspire Your Own (2023)

Studying the best Shopify dropshipping stores can be a great way to get inspiration for your own business.

Dropshipping revolutionized online entrepreneurship, empowering individuals to launch online stores without inventory management. But as you may know, dropshipping is also highly competitive, so it’s essential to stand-out.

But what sets the best Shopify dropshipping stores apart? What strategies fuel their success? By analyzing remarkable examples, you’ll learn the common elements that drive their profits.

In this post we will explore the key characteristics that make the best Shopify dropshipping stores excel. We'll review 15 exceptional stores and uncover the valuable lessons they offer.

Our selection covers diverse industries, from fashion to home decor. We'll examine their strengths and strategies, uncovering the secrets behind their triumph in the competitive dropshipping world.

So, let’s jump in and discover the winning formula behind the best Shopify dropshipping stores. Grab a coffee, and let’s get you equipped to elevate your own venture to new heights! 

The Best Shopify Shopify Dropshipping Stores Examples

So, let’s delve into 16 remarkable Shopify dropshipping store examples that have achieved remarkable success. For each store, we’ll extract key takeaways from each store, covering diverse industries and exploring their unique strategies. From leveraging social media and personalized packaging to influencer partnerships, these examples offer valuable insights to inspire your own profitable and legal dropshipping journey.

1. Uproot Clean

shopify dropshipping store example

Uproot Clean is an awesome Shopify dropshipping store that sells pet care products. If you own a pet, you know how much hassle it can be to keep your home free of hairs. So, Uproot Clean’s products help you solve that pain point.

When you’re looking for the best products to sell, it’s a good idea to go after a passionate niche (pet owners) and then solve one of their problems (hairs on the carpets).

One thing we love about Uproot Clean, is how they use product bundling to bump up their order values. Their ‘hairmageddon’ bundle includes four tools and retails for $79.99 - saving shoppers almost 50% off the items when prices individually.

Since dropshipping typically produces low profit margins, upselling customers to a bigger bundle is an awesome way to increase order size and your margins too.

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2. Cloudies

shopify dropshipping store example

The Cloudies is a one product shopify store that sells visually appealing comfy sandals via social media ads.

The branding is on point, the product photography is gorgeous and there’s social proof sprinkled throughout the site. But what we love most about The Cloudies is their affiliate marketing programme.

Influencers can sign up to promote The Cloudies products to their audience. Affiliates earn 15% of every order they refer with their code. If the products you want to sell are visually appealing, consider copying this strategy.

With a good affiliate marketing program you’ll be able to recruit an army of influencers to do the selling of your products for you.

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3. RVs Trailer

RVs Trailer is a niche Shopify dropshipping store that sells gear to RV enthusiasts. Just like Uproot Clean solves a problem for dog owners, RVs Trailer helps those with RVs gain peace of mind when parking in unfamiliar scenarios.

While we’re not a fan of their product photography (it looks a little low-budget for our tastes) it’s certainly working for them, regardless. The bundling is awesome again here - they cross-sell shoppers with a memory card to pump up the margin on each order. 

But our favorite thing about this Shopify dropshipping store is the product page gifs. As you scroll down the page, they have various gifs showing the product in action along with clever copy to entice shoppers to buy.

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4. Remudic

Next up is Remudic. Remudic is a dropshipping store which sells orthopedic insoles to people dealing with foot pain. The site has a clinical feel to it, which is on brand for their target buyers.

On their product page, Remudic placed a video from a doctor who endorses their insoles - this adds massive social proof to the product. Think about ways you can add more authority and social proof to your products.

Their main product is relatively low priced at £14.99. Using facebook ads to acquire customers and stay profitable, is going to be tough in this price range. So, perhaps organic search marketing or organic TikTok would be a wiser approach. 

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5. Silky Brush

Going back to the pet niche we have SilkyBrush. Silky Brush is an awesome example of a dropshipping store - they have amazing branding and personality that appeals to their target customers.

SilkyBrush have actually branded their product, which means they’re doing sufficient sales volume that their supplier or dropshipping agent is working directly with the manufacturer. However, they’re still dropshipping as their delivery time estimates are too long for any other fulfillment method.

We love how SikyBrush uses Loox to collect and display photo reviews on their product page - because who isn’t going to love to share a pic of their freshly groomed dog, right? There’s few more powerful testimonies than those of your customers. So you definitely want to create a system for collecting and repurposing them into your marketing and conversion strategy.

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6. PocketSpeech

The next Shopify dropshipping store on our list is PocketSpeech. Pocket speech is a gorgeous store that sells audible flashcards for infants and kids.

In an age where parents are becoming more and more concerned about their kids' development (and excessive use of screens etc) this product assuages many parents' worries.

Again, we see Pocket speech implementing product bundling to boost order values and product reviews to boost buyer confidence. One interesting thing they're doing is offering a free e-book with every purchase. 

Digital products are becoming increasingly popular - and are a great way to seal the deal with customers who are on the fence about buying. You only have to create them once. Plus, you can also use them as one click upsells or thank you page cross-sells to boost order value even higher.

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7. Bee Balm

Bee Balm is a Shopify dropshipping store that operates in the beauty niche. Bee Balms best selling product is a lip balm that helps soothe dry or cracked lips.

Their site is super clean, with good branding and product photography throughout. What we like most about this dropshipping store is how they leverage UGC in their paid social ads strategy. Their ads look super native to each platform and are evidently performing well for them. 

Always remember, you can check out any store's ads by using the Facebook Ad Library. It’s a goldmine to get inspiration for your own campaigns and come up with new advertising ideas.

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8. Stretched Fusion

Stretched Fusion is a great dropshipping store example combining many winning elements. They’ve got a super nice brand that focuses around two colors - purple and white. When creating your own brand - it’s often wise to choose just two primary colors. This helps keep everything looking professional and on-brand. 

They’ve also got a selection of gifs - something that’s often deployed in dropshipping stores to boost conversions. When shoppers see the product in action, it helps give them a better idea of what it does and how it can help them.

Stretched Fusion also uses ShopPay - a feature of Shopify Payments that allows customers to split the cost of items over multiple smaller payments. This helps lower the barrier to purchase that higher priced items can create.

Stretched Fusion also sells an ebook about how to optimize your diet and workout routine to get the most out of their products. Additionally, they have a video resources section showing users how to get started with the product. This is awesome because lots of potential customers are probably thinking ‘I won’t know how to use the product, so I won’t buy it’. This form of content marketing is super useful and makes Stretched Fusion stand out from the competition.

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9. Pillow Slides

Pillow Slides is an awesome Shopify dropshipping store that sells attractive sliders for home. This is the kind of product that has the potential to go viral on TikTok, and that’s exactly what they’ve leveraged to drive traffic and sales to their store.

While there’s a lot to love about their site, three particular aspects to copy are their:

  • Priority processing upsell
  • Cart upsell
  • Customized checkout page

The priority processing upsell allows customers to skip the queue and get their order faster for just $4.99. This upsell is a nice way to add additional revenue - these days customers want things as fast as possible and so I’d be surprised if this doesn’t have a good conversion rate.

Next, the cart upsell offers customers a discount when they buy more than one product - bumping up AOV and margins. Between these two upsells, Pillow Slides is probably turning a decent chunk of €39.99 orders into €75 orders. 

Lastly, the customized checkout page boosts conversions by reminding customers of the benefits of shopping with them (money-back guarantee, increased foot comfort etc). Plus, they also add customer reviews to their checkout page to boost shopper confidence and drive the sale over the line.

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10. Zoberlo

Zoberlo is a successful Shopify dropshipping store that sells baby carriers. Notice the trend here of niche stores, and one product stores, that make targeting on paid advertising channels easy. When you focus on selling just one product to one specific audience, your messaging becomes infinitely easier.

Zoberlo uses the Shopify compare at price feature to offer visitors a heavy discount on their usual retail price. Running a flash sale like this can help boost your sales from impulse buyers - however it’s wise to not use it too excessively as customers can usually tell if you’re just doing it to dupe them into a purchase.

What’s interesting about Zoberlo is that they’ve completely refined their unique selling point. All of their copy and reviews focus on how the product helps mother’s bond with their baby. Focusing on product benefits like this (especially benefits that appeal to the core motivations of your customers) is essentially to sell more products.

So, instead of saying “our product is made from the best materials and comes in a range of attractive colors”, Zoberlo says “Our Bonding Comforter is the ultimate solution for parents looking to strengthen their bond and provide their little one with the ultimate sense of comfort and security.” Notice how the latter is far more compelling.

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11. Paddie Nails

Paddie is a beauty niche dropshipping store selling nail kits. One amazing aspect of their store is the scroll-activated pop-up.

Paddie’s pop up offers customers 15% extra off their first order. So if you're browsing their store, and interested in some of their products, it makes sense to give them your email in exchange for a nice discount off your first purchase.

Using a pop-up on your store like this is wise because you give new shoppers an extra incentive to purchase - especially if you use scarcity & urgency along-side your discount to time-limit your discount (48 hours left to claim your discount).

Secondly, we know that most shoppers on your store won’t convert on their first visit. So, capturing their email allows you to continue to market them via email marketing.If you build an  an automated nurturing email flow, you’ll be able to convert a portion of these subscribers into customers and capture more sales.

📖 Suggested Reading: Shopify Email Marketing: 14 Essential Emails Every Store Needs to Send

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12. SnufflePaw

The next Shopify dropshipping store on our list is SnufflePaw. SnufflePaw sells products in the cat niche. Two of their best selling products are a cat bed and an accordion toy. Their store has a clean design and they use the Sense theme - which is a brilliant free theme for anyone getting started.

One feature we particularly like is the sticky add to cart bar on product pages. Sticky add to cart buttons stay on screen as the visitor scrolls down the page. This helps boost conversions and is particularly powerful on mobile - something to consider if most of your traffic is coming from social media sites. You can use an app like Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro to add this functionality to your store.

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13. SockShoes

The next Shopify dropshipping store is Sockshoes - another dropshipping business that capitalized on a TikTok trend.

Their products are going viral right now, thanks in part to the excellent content they create on their TikTok account (check it out for some cool ad ideas).

SockShoes website is built around just one product - and they’re very good at layering on social proof to convince skeptical customers to buy. They have reviews, user generated content, security badges and more reviews everywhere. 

SockShoes also has a helpful FAQ section - something that every dropshipping store should have. Especially if you’re selling a new or novel product as customers are bound to have questions, which left unanswered, hold them back from purchasing.

SockShoes also have a super short checkout form. We know that asking too many details from customers kills conversions - so take a leaf out of their book and ask only for the info you need to fulfill the order. Remember, the more friction you can remove from the buying process, the more sales you’ll make.

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14. Flexstrap

When it comes to branded dropshipping, few stores out there do it as well as FlexStrap. In fact, we would have no idea that FlexStrap uses the dropshipping fulfillment model, if it wasn’t for their super slow delivery times.

FlexStrap is a store we can learn a lot from - they use social proof really well, they address the core issues that their product solves, they have amazing product images, they have endorsements from authority sources, and they offer a free gift when you bundle products.

With the effort FlexStrap has put into their store and branding, it’s unusual to see that they haven’t moved to a different fulfillment model, where they could stock inventory closer to customers and cut shipping times. Maybe it’s in the plans for them, or maybe they’re perfectly happy to keep things the way they are.

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15. Kilos Gear

KilosGear is an awesome Shopify dropshipping store example that sells products to hikers, walkers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The store’s best ‘winning’ dropshipping product is an air pad for camping which retails for $81 GBP.

Kilos Gear has very nice cart upsells that pop-up when a customer adds a product to cart. Another nice feature is how they offer multiple payment options at checkout -including express checkout options like PayPal and ShopPay. As a general rule, the more payment options you offer, the more conversions you’ll capture.

Another element to appreciate is their Meta ads - which are really engaging, especially during the first few seconds. If you’re selling in the outdoor niche, then you can learn a lot from studying their catalog of ads on Facebook.

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What do the Best Shopify Dropshipping Stores have in Common?

The best Shopify dropshipping stores share several key characteristics that contribute to their success. These characteristics encompass various aspects, including marketing strategies, conversion optimization techniques, and overall store management. Here is a broad overview of what makes a successful dropshipping store:

1. Niche Selection

Successful dropshipping stores often focus on a specific niche or product category. By targeting a niche such as dog lovers or hiking enthusiasts, they can tailor their marketing efforts and cater to a specific audience, resulting in better customer engagement and conversion rates. 

2. High-Quality Product Selection

The best Shopify dropshipping stores prioritize offering high-quality products that align with their target audience's needs and preferences. They carefully curate their product selection to ensure customer satisfaction and minimize returns or complaints. Typically, dropshippers sell products that are easy to ship, offer a high profit margin and can’t be found in regular stores.

3. Engaging and Professional Website Design

A visually appealing and user-friendly website is crucial for establishing credibility and engaging visitors. Successful dropshipping stores invest in professional website design & branding, ensuring a seamless browsing experience that encourages visitors to stay and explore their products.

4. Effective Marketing Strategies:

The top dropshipping stores employ a mix of marketing strategies to drive traffic and boost sales. These strategies may include social media marketing, influencer partnerships, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid advertising campaigns. The right marketing strategy depends on what you’re selling and where your audience spends their time.

5. Compelling Product Descriptions and Imagery

None of the top Shopify dropshipping stores rely on stock imagery or product descriptions from their supplier. Captivating product descriptions and high-quality product imagery are vital for enticing potential customers. Successful dropshipping stores craft persuasive and informative descriptions while utilizing appealing visuals to showcase their products effectively.

6. Seamless Order Fulfillment and Customer Support

Ensuring smooth order fulfillment and providing excellent customer support are essential for building trust and fostering repeat business. Successful Shopify dropshipping stores establish efficient systems to process orders promptly and promptly address customer inquiries or concerns.

7. Conversion Optimization Techniques 

Implementing conversion optimization strategies can significantly impact a store's success. These techniques include optimizing product pages, simplifying the checkout process, adding cross-sells and upsells. incorporating customer reviews and testimonials, and utilizing scarcity or urgency tactics to encourage immediate purchase decisions.

8. Data-Driven Approach

Successful dropshipping stores rely on data analysis to make informed decisions. They track and analyze key metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, customer behavior, and marketing campaign performance. This data-driven approach helps them identify areas for improvement and optimize their strategies for better results.

By incorporating these key characteristics into your Shopify store, you can increase their chances of success in the highly competitive dropshipping ecosystem.

Go Forth & Build a Top Shopify Dropshipping Store

In conclusion, mastering the art of successful Shopify dropshipping requires attention to key features and strategies. 

From captivating website design and high-quality product visuals to seamless navigation and trust-building elements, every aspect contributes to customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Integration with social media, email marketing, and popular payment gateways enhances reach and convenience. By optimizing conversions and utilizing analytics, entrepreneurs can refine their approaches for long-term success. 

Remember, adapting these insights to your niche and audience is vital. With dedication and exceptional customer experiences, you can join the ranks of top Shopify dropshipping stores. Good luck on your journey to success!

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