18 of the Best Shopify Courses To Launch Your First Business

Starting an eCommerce business on Shopify is a great way to take control of your own future and rake in profit. But as anyone who's been successful will tell you, it can help to have some guidance along the way.

That's where Shopify courses come in. The best Shopify courses are a great to learn how to launch and scale your first ecommerce store.

However, with so many Shopify courses out there, it's hard to know which one is the best. And if you're going to spend a lot of money, you want to make sure it's worth it.

Thankfully, we've rounded up the best Shopify courses on the internet. In this post we'll run through our top picks and explain which might be the best for you.

But before we jump into the courses, let's talk about what a Shopify course is and what to look out for when choosing a course for you.

What is a Shopify Course?

In a nutshell, a Shopify course is an educational course, usually taught online, that teaches you how to create and run an eCommerce business on the Shopify platform.

However, in our book, the best Shopify courses aren't always strictly about Shopify.

That's because running an eCommerce business requires a wide range of skills. And some non-Shopify-specific courses are actually better at teaching those skills than the dedicated Shopify ones.

So, as we'll see in a minute, courses that go deeper into skills like digital marketing, design, and ecommerce operations can often boost your chances of success more than dedicated Shopify courses.

Are Shopify Courses Worth It?

Here's the truth: Lots of Shopify courses aren't worth the high fees they charge for access.

Far too many courses offer little value for far too much investment, and much of that information could be found elsewhere for cheaper (or for free).

That said, there are plenty of courses that are well-worth the money. The key is to do your due diligence, pay attention to reviews, and look in the right places.

Luckily, all you have to do to find the best Shopify courses on the web is keep reading!

How to Choose the Right Shopify Course for You

Finding the best Shopify course is one thing. But finding the right course for your needs, is another. When choosing from a list of Shopify courses, here's four things to keep in mind:

  • Look for Courses that Cover Your Specific Needs
    If you're starting a dropshipping store, you probably shouldn't invest in a course on running an Amazon FBA business, and vice versa. Find a course that suits your specific business and approach.
  • Look for Shopify Courses with Great Reviews
    One of the best ways to know if a Shopify course is worth its salt is by checking reviews. Does the course have a lot of students and reviews? If they're positive, there's a good chance the materials within are the real deal.
  • Ensure The Course Tutor is Legit
    There are plenty of 'Shopify gurus' who make their money from selling the dream of starting an ecommerce business. Before purchasing a course, make sure your tutor actually runs a successful ecommerce store - and doesn't just make bank selling courses.
  • Look for Resources that Fit Your Learning Style
    If you're a visual learner, a course that mainly consists of written materials might not be the best. If you can't sit and watch lessons for long periods of time, you might want to look for a course that's shorter rather than longer.

    With that in mind, let's look at all of our top picks for the Best Shopify Courses on the web. We'll cover courses of various types, and then we'll look at great communities to join if you want to learn ecommerce advice in a group setting.

The 5 Best Shopify Courses for Every eCommerce Entrepreneur

Here are our favorite 4 courses that every eCommerce entrepreneur could learn something from.

1. Learn Shopify Now: Shopify for Beginners

Learn Shopify Now course

Learn Shopify Now is a great intro course into the world of Shopify. It doesn't necessarily teach how to create a specific style of business, but instead focuses on how you can get your own store set up and optimized, no matter what niche you're in.

It's a great first step if you're new to Shopify and will teach you everything you need to go to get your first storefront published.

Instructor: John CordovaΒ 

Price: $19.99

Best Price We've Seen: $9.99

Time: 4.5 hours

Students: 15,618

Rating: 4.6

Where to Enroll: Search for the Shopify for Beginner’s Course here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: First-time entrepreneurs just starting out with Shopify. If you're looking for a broad overview of the fundamentals of building a business on Shopify, you'll get a lot out of this course. Plus, it's only $10!

2. Akemi Lab

For some entrepreneurs, the monthly fee that Akemi Lab charges might be a downside. But in our book, it's well worth the investment. One of the biggest perks of Akemi Lab is that it's constantly updated with the most relevant information.

What's more, Akemi Lab isn't just a course, it's also a full-fledged community of entrepreneurs. From livestreams twice a month to help finding product sourcing, Akemi Lab is one of the best resources out there for practically every eCommerce business owner.

Instructor: Arie Scherson

Price:$50/mo or $400 Paid Annually

‍Best Price We've Seen:$50/mo or $400/yr

‍Time:20+ Hours‍

Students: 1,000+

‍Where to Enroll: Check out Akemi Lab here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: First-time Shopify entrepreneurs as well as those already running an established business. If you do well in communities and love to engage with other entrepreneurs then you'll feel right at home with this course.

3. Launch Your Shopify Store in Just One Weekend

If you're looking for an awesome course that'll take you from complete beginner to competent eCommerce entrepreneur, then Elle McCann's course is the one for you.

This course contains step-by-step video trainings on how to setup and launch your Shopify store in just one weekend. It covers everything you need to know to get started including - store design, essential apps, print-on-demand set-up and more. If you're looking to avoid the costly mistakes that most beginners make and get started on the best foot possible, this is the course for you.

Instructor: Elle McCann

Price:$37 for lifetime access

‍Best Price We've Seen: $37 paid once

‍Time: 20+ Hours‍

Students: 1,000+

‍Where to Enroll: Check out eCom in a Weekend here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: First-time Shopify entrepreneurs who've been thinking about launching their store but want a proven structure and expert guidance to help them get over the initial procrastination that prevents most people from starting.

4. Shopify Bootcamp by Adam Reed

Shopify bootcamp

As a course, Shopify Bootcamp has a hyper-focus on one aspect of your store: boosting your conversion rate and making more sales from the visitors oyu already have.

And that focus is what makes it a great choice. Instead of a jack-of-all-trades, you'll come out of Shopify Bootcamp one step closer to being the master of amping up your conversion rate .

Instructor: Adam Ree


‍Best Price We've Seen:$9.99

‍Time:40 min



‍Where to Enroll:Search for Shopify Bootcamp here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: eCommerce entrepreneurs who've built a store and have some traffic to their site. If you're struggling with a low conversion rate, this course will teach you how to fix that.

5. How To Become A Shopify ExpertΒ 

shopify expert course

Tim Sharp's course on Shopify isn't about how to create on specific style of business, but how you can master the platform itself. This course teaches you how to become a Shopify consultant or developer, so you can sell those skills to other business owners. For example, you could start a small agency that specializes in building one-product stores or become a consultant that helps scale high-ticket dropshipping businesses.

It's said that during the gold rush, the people who made the most money were the ones selling the shovels. Becoming a Shopify consultant is a great way to 'sell the shovel' to other hungry entrepreneurs hoping to strike gold in the world of eCom.

‍Instructor: Tim Sharp


‍Best Price We've Seen$12.99

‍Time:5 hours



‍Where to Enroll: Search for Tim's Course here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: People who are interested in setting up a service-based business within the Shopify ecosystem. If you're a natural people person and find in-person sales easy, this is a great course to kick-start a new business path.

The 4 Best Free Shopify Courses & Marketing Guides

Paid courses are great. But learning how to run your business doesn't have to cost money. Here are our favorite online resources that cost nothing to enroll. These cover a broad range of digital skills that'll help you become a better entrepreneur. Β 

5. Google Digital Garage

best free digital shopify course

Who else is better to learn from than the kings of the internet themselves?

Google Digital Garage might be free, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's low-value. The digital garage is one of the most valuable online resources out there for learning how to market your store with Google's advertising products.

With over 100 hours of in-depth content and guides from various instructors all for free, you're losing money by not checking out Google Digital Garage.

Instructor: Multiple


‍Time:100+ hours

‍Where to Enroll:Check out the Google Digital Garage here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: Everyone running an eCommerce business. No matter if you're just starting out, or have been successful for years, there's something new for everyone to learn in Digital Garage.

6. Canva Design School

Canva Design School

If you're starting an online business, odds are you'll end up using a platform like Canva for ad or webpage designs.

And luckily, Canva has a full hub of guides and courses to help you learn the platform. Canva Design School has plenty of guides to help you learn just how to create effective designs for any business.

Instructor: Multiple


‍Time:4+ hours



‍Where to Enroll:Check out Canva's Design School here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: People looking to improve their design skills and boost their stores brand's appeal. You'll learn color theory, basic graphic design and other useful skills in just under 5 hours.

7. Shopify Learn

Shopify Learn Hub

Shopify Learn is one of the most comprehensive ecommerce courses out there.

In fact, with over 100 hours of educational content, Shopify Learn is more of an online eCommerce university than it is a single a course.

And the best part is that it's completely free. All you need is a Shopify account and you can access each of the courses available.

Instructor: 90+ InstructorsΒ 


‍Time:100+ hours


‍Where to Enroll:Check out Shopify Learn here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: Everyone. Shopify's own courses are some of the best eCommerce educational content out there. With tons of modules to choose from, you'll acquire new skill and knowledge that'll dramatically boost your odds of success.

8. Online Business Academy

online business academy class

The Online Business Academy Course is a great option for any dropshipper who needs help getting started (and in case you were wondering, no, dropshipping isn't dead!)

This course covers the whole process of creating a Shopify store and importing products from Aliexpress, as well as how to advertise that store once it's set up.

And for the whopping price of $0, it's hard to say that it's not great value for the (lack of)money.

Instructor: Online Success Hacks


‍Time:2+ Hours



‍Where to Enroll:Search for Online Business Academy Course here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: People on a budget looking for a basic introduction to Shopify dropshipping. You don't get a huge amount of depth here - but the content is solid and since it's free - it's perfect if you're just thinking about getting started.

The 5 Best Shopify Courses for Dropshipping Businesses

Dropshipping is one of the most common business models on the platform. If you're a dropshipper, here are some of the best Shopify courses to help you run your business.

9. The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

The Complete Shopify Aliexpress Dropship Course

Tim Sharp's Complete Dropshipping Course is exactly what is says on the tin: A course that covers the full process of starting your own Shopify Dropshipping Business.

It's super comprehensive, and with almost 100,000 students and a near-5 star review, it's safe to say that Tim's course is well worth the money.

Instructor: Tim Sharp


‍Best Price We've Seen:$14.99

‍Time:8 hours



‍Where to Enroll:Search for Tim's Course here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: Entrepreneurs who want to start profitable dropshipping businesses. If you're looking for a method to start a high-profit business with minimal upfront costs, this course is for you.

10. Shopify Tyrant: How To Start An Ecommerce Biz From Scratch

Shopify Tyrant course

The Shopify Tyrant course is all about how you can start a Shopify store that, eventually, generates you a steady flow of passive income.

It covers everything from the setup and rolling out your first products to scaling and how to contact outsourcers.

Instructor: Niche Tyrant


‍Best Price We've Seen:$9.99

‍Time:3 hours



‍Where to Enroll:Check out the Shopify Tyrant Course here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: Beginner entrepreneurs who are serious about starting their own Shopify store. Not familiar with the Shopify platform? This is a great guide to get yourself acquainted.

11. How to Start and Scale a Shopify Dropshipping Store Quickly

Start a Dropshipping store course

Dropshipping is a great business model because it allows you to get rolling with far less capital than a traditional store.

And this course is a great way to get that ball rolling even faster, since it takes out much of the trial and error along the way and gets you set on the right track. Start & Scale a Dropshipping store is taught by Bryan Guerra and has over 22 hours of course material for just $12.99.

Instructor: Bryan Guerra


Best Price We've Seen:$12.99

‍Time:22 hours



‍Where to Enroll: Search for Bryan's Course here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: Entrepreneurs starting their own dropshipping business. This is another great course to get your feet wet in the dropshipping world if you don't know where to start.

12. Shopify Dropshipping Facebook Ads MasterClass

Shopify Dropshipping Facebook Ads MasterClass

Marketing and advertising your products well is essential to running a profitable business.

And learning your way around Facebook Ads is no easy task. Luckily Rihab's course can help you find your way through. It covers the full process on how you can advertise your dropshipping products on Facebook to start raking in more revenue.

Instructor: Rihab Seb


‍Best Price We've Seen:$11.99

‍Time:5.5 hours



‍Where to Enroll:Search for Rihab's Masterclass here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: Dropshippers who want to start advertising on Facebook(Meta). If you don't have any experience advertising an ecommerce store on popular platforms, starting out can be confusing. This is a great way to find your bearings.


13. Shirtschool with Kerry Egeler

Kerry Egeler is a veteran of the ecommerce industry. Kerry has driven over seven figures of revenue, started two t-shirt subscription businesses, made shirts for an NBA MVP, and has been featured by companies such as Shopify, Printify, Awkward Styles, and many more.

The Shirt School System is Kerry's signature formula that has taken students from $0 to millions per year with an online t-shirt, apparel, or print on demand business. This course is essentially an A-Z 'handbook' to start, grow, and scale an online apparel business.

Instructor: Kerry Egeler

Price: Free

‍Best Price We've Seen: Free

‍Time: 2 hours

‍Students: 10k+

‍Rating: 5/5

‍Where to Enroll: Join the Shirtschool masterclass here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: Those of you looking to start a print-on-demand store. Kerry's advice and hands-on experience make this the best free course we've seen on the topic.



The 2 Best Shopify Courses to Learn Advertising

Without advertising, there's no revenue. Here are our top pics on courses to help learn to advertise your store.

14. Meta Blueprint

Meta blueprint guides

You might've noticed a trend by now: The best place to learn how to use a platform is from the platform itself.

If you want to use Facebook(Meta) Advertising to grow your business, it's a good idea to check out Meta Blueprint first.

Meta Blueprint is a comprehensive hub that covers all topics around using the platform to advertise your products, and it's 100% Free.

Instructor: Facebook(Meta)


‍Time:4+ Hours


‍Where to Enroll:Check out Meta Blueprint here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: Any entrepreneur getting into social media advertising. Right from the platform itself, Meta Blueprint is one of the best places to learn, and it's free too.

15. Facebook Advertising MasterClass for Shopify

If you have a Skillshare account, Rihab's course on Facebook Ads is a must-watch.

It covers exactly how you can master social media advertising for an eCommerce store.

It's also wrapped up in a neat package of a bit over an hour, so it shouldn't take long to get through. With 3,391 happy students, it's certainly worth a try.

Instructor: Rihab Seb

Price: Free w/ Skillshare Membership($36 per month)

‍Time:1+ Hour


‍Where to Enroll:Check out Rihab's Class here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: Shopify entrepreneurs looking to break Into Facebook advertising. Even if you're familiar with Shopify, Facebook is a whole different beast. This course should help bring you up to speed.

3 Great eCommerce Communities to Learn From

Sometimes the best places to learn from are communities of like-minded people with similar goals. Here are our favorite communities of Shopify entrepreneurs to learn from.

16. Shopify Entrepreneurs

Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

Shopify Entrepreneurs is a Facebook group full of... well, Shopify Entrepreneurs.

It's a great place to bounce ideas back and forth and ask for advice on how to run your business. With over 113K members, it's one of the most active groups out there.

Price: Free


‍Rating: n/a

‍Where to Join: Check out the Shopify Entrepreneurs group here

πŸ‘‰This Community is Perfect For: Anyone with a Shopify store. It's a huge community filled with entrepreneurs from all niches and walks of life, there's tons to learn that you can apply to your own business.

17. eCommerce Fuel

ecommerce fuel entrepreneur group

eCommerce Fuel is a well-moderated community and forum full of 7 to 8 figure entrepreneurs.

While many of the other groups out there are full of beginning entrepreneurs, this one is perfect if you're already successful and want to take the leap further.

It does cost a heft $149 a month- But many of the members say it's well-worth the cost. There's even a trial month you can apply for to see if it brings enough value to the table firsthand.


‍Content:4,000 posts a month

‍Where to Join:Check out eCommerce Fuel here

πŸ‘‰This Community is Perfect For: High-Level entrepreneurs looking for a community. It has a high price tag, so if you're just starting out it might not be the best choice. This is a group for already-successful entrepreneurs who want to find paths to the next level.

18. Shopify Plus Community

Shopify Plus Community

The Shopify Plus Community is exclusive to those with Shopify Plus accounts.

It's similar to the Shopify Entrepreneurs group, but since it's a tad more exclusive, it tends to be a little more well-moderated. And with 300+ posts a month, it's plenty active too.

Price: Free for Shopify Plus

‍Content:300+ posts a month


‍Where to Join:Check out the Shopify Plus Community here

πŸ‘‰This Course is Perfect For: Shopify entrepreneurs who want a slightly more exclusive group. Since it's only open to Shopify Plus members, this community is a little more curated than other similar groups. If that's what you're looking for, it should be a great fit.

Go Forth & Choose The Best Shopify Course Today!

Learning Shopify can be tough when you're just getting started. But some of the best ways to learn are from people who paved the path ahead of you.

Especially when those trailblazers have created guides specifically to help you.

Whether you've got a big budget or small one, are just getting started or are seasoned in the ecommerce industry, you should be able to find a guide that helps in this post.

If you think we missed any great courses, let us know in the comments! We'd love to add even more high-value resources to this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

To close things off, let's cover some of the most frequently asked questions we see about starting a Shopify store.

Can You Learn Shopify for Free?

You sure can! Whether you're learning how to optimize your Shopify Store for SEO from our free guide or using the Google Digital Garage to fill yourself in, there are plenty of ways to learn Shopify without spending a single penny on course materials.

Where Are the Best Places to Find Shopify Courses?

Udemy and Skillshare are great places to start looking for introductory courses. If you'd like a more comprehensive guide, it's a great idea to join and ask for advice in some of the communities we mentioned above.

You can also check out resources like our blog for even more advice on how to profitably market an ecommerce business.

Can You Learn Shopify on YouTube?

YouTube is a great place to find short guides on Shopify, especially if you're a visual learner.

Be warned though, many gurus on YouTube don't offer information that's as comprehensive as you might find in the courses above, so try out some of the free resources before paying for one of their courses!

Is it Hard to Learn Shopify?

Learning Shopify alone is a high mountain to climb. Luckily, that climb becomes much easier with help from courses, mentors, and videos that you can find online.

Is Shopify Good for Beginners?

Shopify is one of the best ways for eCommerce beginners to get started.

Not only does Shopify have simple pre-packaged templates to help speed up your store creation, but they handle payment gates and have great customer support if you get stuck, too.


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