22 of the Best Shopify Website Examples We’ve Seen

Shopify website examples are a great place to draw inspiration for your own store.

So, if you're on the quest for some serious originality to supercharge your Shopify store, you're in the right place. 

We've scoured the web and curated a list of 22 of the absolute best Shopify website examples out there. From sleek aesthetics to intuitive user experiences, these stores have nailed it. 

And here's the best part - we're not just going to gawk at them, we're going to break down why they work so well and how you can apply similar strategies to your own online venture. 

Let's dive in!

The Best Shopify Website Examples

Without further ado, let’s jump into the best Shopify website examples on the web. Bookmark each of these Shopify stores, and come back to them when you need inspiration for your own website.

1. Knows Eyewear

Knows eyewear is one of the best shopify website examples to learn from

Knows Eyewear is one of the best Shopify website examples.What makes this store so impressive is its clean and minimalist design, which places the focus squarely on their high-quality eyewear products. 

The user-friendly navigation and stunning product images make it a breeze for shoppers to explore their eyewear collection. Plus, they’re also an example of upselling done well - on the product page, with the option to upgrade your lenses and frames to more premium versions.

Take a cue from Knows Eyewear by emphasizing product quality and user experience in your own ecommerce store. It's a great example of how to create a visually appealing and customer-centric online shopping experience.

2. OPositiv

OPositiv is a beautiful example of a Shopify website. They’re a women's health brand on a mission to make effective, fun & delicious products to address health needs that have been historically overlooked.

One thing we love about OPositiv’s store is their social proof at various stages of the buyer's journey. 

See, For most consumers, reviews and testimonials give them a better idea of whether to buy products, than any amount of copywriting.

So, ensure you’re collecting and displaying reviews on your site - they’ll build trust and help more browsers turn into buyers.

3. Blok Watches

Blok Watches is a great Shopify website example. Blok started when the founders couldn't find any watches that they wanted to buy for their kids. So, they set about creating their own.

Two years later, Blok stands as one of the best examples of a Shopify store - with amazing design, impressive product imagery and a smooth checkout process. There’s a lot to love when it comes to Bloks website.

4. Madsen Cycles

Madsen Cycles was built on the idea that a bicycle can do more. Since their inception, Madsen has worked diligently to bring to you and your crew the most beautiful and well-made cargo bike on the market.

But it’s not only their bikes that are well-made. Their Shopify store is stunning too - and is a great example of a store that doesn’t need to be complex to convert well.

5. D_B_

D_B_ (formerly Douche Bags) is a brand that sells minimalist luggage. The homepage showcases a Shopify website example that deploys full-width image sizes to perfection. 

The D_B_ site is visually stunning from top to bottom. However, at no point do they sacrifice functionality for pure visual appeal. The site’s navigation is on-point and every page loads at lightning speed.

6. Doughy

Doughy is  great Shopify website examples that you can copy

Doughy is an innovative cookie dough brand that uses just 7 ingredients in their recipe. Their muted palette tones and fun animations make them a great Shopify website example.

Doughy also boasts stunning product photography that gets your sweet tooth tingling. Additionally, they’ve implemented a subscription model which is always something to consider if you’re selling replenishables. 

Discover our post on the best Shopify subscription apps if you’re keen to add this functionality to your store.

7. DECEM Drinks

DECEM Drinks wanted to give moderating drinkers a lighter alternative to traditional 40% ABV spirits and a more satisfying drinking experience than 0% ABV options. Empowering everyone to enjoy the benefits of alcohol without drinking too much.

DECEM’s oversized typography is very on-trend in design circles - which gives them a hip and modern feel. One of the things to notice is that they’ve designed their Shopify store around their target audience. Building a brand that appeals to a younger, sophisticated, more health-conscious audience.

When building your brand, think about the colors, fonts and tone of voice that resonate with your ideal audience and develop a Shopify store that strikes a cord with them.

8. Haus London

Haus London is an online and in-store furniture retailer. They offer a carefully considered selection of the very best in contemporary furniture, lighting and homeware  What makes them a fantastic Shopify website example is the use of minimalistic design. This keeps visitors focused on the essential elements and products that drive conversions on Shopify.

9. Custo

Custo is the mail-box of the future. And they also have a Shopify website example from the future. Custo’s website is a gorgeous symphony of scroll animation and (once again) oversized typography. Ample whitespace keeps things interesting and functional while the color scheme reflects the slick, minimalist design of their product.

10. Ratio Coffee

Ratio Coffee makes aesthetically pleasing coffee machines for modern kitchens. Their shopify store is clean, refined and well-organized - just like their target customers.

They use ample high-quality product videos to bring their products to life and give shoppers a better sense of what they’re like in real-life. Ratio is definitely a Shopify website example to bookmark if you’re interested in creating a paired-back, but powerful eCommerce experience.

11. Nestera

Nestera sells a pretty niche product: chicken coops. However, those in the market for a chicken coop are in for a pleasant shopping experience on Nestera.

We love Nestera’s use of a pop-up to encourage users to subscribe to their newsletter. They also have awesome content on their blog that’s capturing traffic for key search terms like ‘wireless bird box camera’ and ‘chicken perch size’. 

Pro Tip: Learn how to use your store’s blog to attract organic traffic with our post on blogging for Shopify.

12. Allbirds Footwear

Allbirds is an ethical shoe company that sells wool runners. They’re good for your feet and the planet too. Allbirds is an excellent example of a Shopify website - what we particularly like are their product pages.

Allbirds product pages function like landing pages and contain a bunch of high-converting elements - high quality lifestyle and product photography, product videos, lots of white space, social proof and a clear CTA. There’s definitely a lot to take inspiration from here.

13. Press Juices

Press Juices is a great Shopify website example to learn from

Press Juices was born in LA when the founders saw how powerful plant based nutrition could be in enabling people to live a busy, healthy and happy life. Today they are on a mission to continue that journey helping customers feel and look their best whilst enjoying a full life.

We love how they proudly display their TrustPilot reviews above the fold on their homepage - instantly adding trust to their brand. They’ve also formed various partnerships with other brands - such as Soho house - a co-working space where their target demographic would likely hang out.

14. Pop-Chart

PopChart makes infographic posters about everything from literature, to alcohol, to sports, to nature and more. Their Shopify website is an amazing example of how to design your site around your brand and products.

Their font selection, custom developed graphics (like the CTA buttons) and quirky copywriting give their website a unique and endearing feel.

15. Joshua Tree Coffee

Joshua Tree Coffee is an awesome Shopify website example. The store is clean and professional looking. Plus, we love how they’ve implemented product recommendations on each page to encourage shoppers to add more than one item to cart.

They’ve also created product bundles, combining coffee and their own higher-margin merchandise and a free shipping threshold at $100. These bundles make the perfect gift for any coffee lover, and combined with the free shipping threshold, boost the store’s average order value to new heights.

More Amazing Shopify Website Examples to Learn From

Ok with fifteen examples fo Shopify sites under our belts, we've covered a lot. You might need a coffee refil at this stage, before we tuck into the remaining Shopify stores on the list. If you're ready, let's go!

16. Mavi Clothing

Mavi is a fanastic example of Shopify website design

Mavi was established in Istanbul in 1991, and their jeans are an expression of over 30 years of experience mastering fabrics, washes and the newest denim technology. Mavi is a great Shopify website example for clothing stores to learn from.

We especially like Mavi’s navigational structure - which is intuitive and allows shoppers to easily find the product they are looking for. Ideally you want your navigation to be ‘shallow and broad’ - i.e. that users are never more than three clicks away from the item they want.

17. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is one of the best Shopify stores on the web. They combine beautiful design with incredible useability to create a shopping experience that makes you want to buy their products.

One great growth strategy OV implements is a referral programme.  With this programme, existing customers can refer their friends and both receive a discount of $20.

Consider implementing a similar strategy on your Shopify store - as we know that the most powerful recommendations come from our friends and family. Word of mouth is far more potent than any sort of paid advertising.

18. Figs

Figs are direct-to-consumer healthcare apparel and lifestyle brand that celebrates, empowers and serves current and future generations of healthcare professionals. 

As Shopify website examples go, Figs are one of the best. We love how they use a first-time customer discount of 15% to encourage new shoppers to take the plunge.

Notice how they also collect subscribers' date of birth - this allows Figs to understand their customer demographics better. But also, it enables them to send birthday emails to surprise and delight their customer base. This is a simple automation that can add a nice chunk of revenue to your bottom line.

19. Sister Jane

Sister Jane is an elevated London fashion label with romance and nostalgia at heart. Most impressive about the website is their styling and product photography. However, they haven’t just focused on aesthetics - we also like how Sister Jane removed their ‘return to cart button’ from their Shopify checkout page to boost conversions.

This is a simple CRO strategy you can test. "We've run A/B tests hiding the 'Return to cart' link in checkout" says Yusuf Shurbaji from CRO-agency Prismfly. "We've seen this change increase order volume by up to 10% with over 95% statistical significance"

20. One Wheel

One Wheel is a Shopify website example that showcases how to use hero videos properly. The store is an ode to wall-to-wall lifestyle photography that sells more than just a modified electric skateboard. Instead, customers are buying a lifestyle with the freedom to explore and have fun.

21. Brooklinen

Brooklinen comes up time and time again in any discussion of the best Shopify website examples - and with good reason. Brooklinen sells simple, beautiful, comfy bedding that customers rave about.

Brooklinen's Shopify website excels in its clean, uncluttered design, showcasing high-quality product imagery that make their products look irresistible.

22. alo Yoga

Rounding out our list of the best Shopify website examples is the athleisure brand alo. Alo Yoga's website design impresses with its clean, minimalistic aesthetic, high-quality imagery, and user-friendly navigation. 

The site effectively communicates the brand's lifestyle and story, creating a strong connection with visitors. The site's responsiveness, consistent branding, and strategic use of white space contribute to a seamless and inviting user experience. 

Plus, they’ve got clear calls to action, interactive elements, and social proof to enhance engagement and trust. Overall, Alo Yoga's website design embodies a harmonious blend of visual appeal, functionality, and brand identity.

Use These Shopify Website Examples to Inspire Your Own

Wrapping up our journey through these stellar Shopify website examples, it's clear that each store offers unique insights and inspiration.From sleek designs to user-friendly navigation, there's a lot to learn from these success stories. 

Remember, the key is to adapt these ideas to fit your brand and audience. So, go ahead, infuse your own personality, and create a store that not only looks amazing but also resonates with your customers & converts well. Happy designing, and may your Shopify journey be as remarkable as those we've explored!

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