How to Find Shopify Stores (4 Proven Methods)

Wondering how to find Shopify stores? Awesome, here are the best methods you can use:

1. How to Find Shopify Stores with Google

One of the easiest ways to find a Shopify store to enter " + keyword" into the Google search bar. This is a Google search operator that filters results, showing stores based on the Shopify Domain.

How to find Shopify stores with Google

2. How to Find Shopify Stores with

Another good way to find Shopify Stores and that is with the help of a website called “”.

You just need to go to website and then put, which is the IP address of Shopify’s official website.

Then, simply click on 'Other Sites on IP'. Scroll down and you'll get a list of hundreds of thousands of stores bulit on Shopify's domain. Plus, they're ranked in order of the websites popularity.

Below you can see stores like gymshark and FashionNova appear near the top of the list. But there's over 700k shopify stores for your exploration here.

3. How to Find Shopify Stores with BuiltWith

Another great way to find Shopify stores is to use a directory like BuiltWith. Here's you'll find lots of Shopify stores along with information about their traffic and revenue.

4. Use Chrome Extensions to Find Shopify Stores

There are several chrome extensions that can allow you to find Shopify stores and analyze their performance.

Koala Inspector for example is a free tool that lets you spy on competitor stores and reveal data about their traffic, what apps they're using, their best selling products, and more.

Find Shopify Stores Today

Hopefully these strategies are helpful to your needs Remember that the availability and effectiveness of these methods can vary over time, so it's a good idea to explore multiple options if you're trying to find specific types of Shopify stores or products. Additionally, some Shopify store owners may not actively advertise their platform, so you might not always find them through conventional search methods.

How to Find Shopify Stores FAQ

How do I find other Shopify stores in my niche?

You can use google. Just search " + [your niche']".You can also use online tools like "" or "" to discover Shopify stores in your niche. Additionally, try searching for relevant keywords on social media and forums to find links to these stores.

How to find Shopify stores on Google?

To find Shopify stores on Google, simply use search queries like "your niche + Shopify store" or "product + Shopify shop." Google will list relevant Shopify stores in the search results.

Is there a directory of Shopify stores?

While there isn't an official Shopify directory, you can find directories created by enthusiasts or niche-specific directories that list Shopify stores. Online marketplaces like "Shopify Exchange" also provide listings of stores for sale.

How to find new Shopify stores?

Stay updated on new Shopify stores by following Shopify-related social media groups and forums. Additionally, explore trending products on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest to discover new stores.

How to find top Shopify stores?

To find top-performing Shopify stores, explore popular eCommerce websites, read industry news, and follow influencers who often highlight successful stores. You can use the '' method above to help you find top Shopify stores.

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