Post-Purchase Surveys

Get a 100% open rate for your post-purchase surveys by displaying them on the thank you page


Reach 100% of Your Customers

The issue with sending post-purchase surveys via email is usually the open rates, which at best reach 20%-25%.

But when you show the survey directly on the thank you page, 100% of your customers see it before they even leave the store after their first purchase.


4 Question Types

You can combine 4 types of questions in any way you like to get the answers you need from your customers.

The question types available are:

  • Radio buttons
  • Select
  • Dropdown
  • Free text

Unlimited Surveys

Create as many surveys as you want, and activate as many of them as you need at the same time.

You can use ReConvert’s Triggers feature to display different surveys to different people and at different times.