Popup With Timer

Create a special, time-sensitive offer for customers who have just completed a purchase


Capture Customers’ Attention

The best way to ensure your customers don’t miss your post-purchase offer is to put it in a popup that takes over their screen and attention.

This is the main reason the popup with timer is our highest converting widget.


Increase Conversions With Urgency

With the timer element of the popup with timer, you can easily and seamlessly add urgency to your offer by providing a time limit.

When you use our automatically managed discount, we create a separate discount for each customer, only valid for them as long as the timer is running.


Sticky Bottom Bar

When the customer accepts or rejects the offer, a sticky bottom will appear, following them around the store and reminding them about the time left for their discount.

If they haven’t accepted the offer yet, all they have to do is click the “accept” button and the discount is automatically applied.