Shopify Functions: A Powerful Way to Extend Your Store’s Functionality

In eCommerce, adaptability is key. For years, Shopify has provided essential tools, but as needs evolve, so do solutions. Enter Shopify Functions—a new frontier in customizing online stores.

Functions reshape Shopify's backend logic, making it more accessible. They empower developers to create seamless customizations, responding in milliseconds, even during peak sales. 

What sets them apart is their user-friendly design. Installed as an app, merchants can customize directly within the admin interface, no coding is needed.

While Functions currently cover discounts, shipping, and payments, Shopify aims to expand to include more features like shipping rates and order routing.

Join us as we explore Shopify Functions, offering unparalleled adaptability and control for your online store. It's time to navigate eCommerce with confidence and innovation.


How do Shopify Functions Work?

Shopify Functions mark a significant departure from the traditional approach by opening up Shopify's backend code to developers for the first time. 

This means developers can now extend or replace key parts of Shopify's backend logic with custom code, offering an unprecedented level of flexibility and customization.

Functions operate inline and synchronously, allowing developers to write code in any language that can compile to WebAssembly. 

This enables developers to leverage familiar tools and languages while benefiting from Shopify's robust infrastructure and global deployment.

For merchants, integrating Functions into their store is effortless. By installing an app, the Function becomes configurable directly within the Shopify Admin interface. 

This means that Functions for discounts, shipping, and payment methods seamlessly integrate with Shopify's native settings, providing merchants with a unified experience.

Initially, Shopify Functions focused on familiar backend logic such as discounts, shipping, and payment methods. 

For instance, developers can create custom discount algorithms or enhance shipping calculations to meet specific business requirements. 

As these functions execute inline, they boast sub-five millisecond performance, ensuring they can handle critical tasks seamlessly, even during peak traffic or flash sales events.

Moving forward, Shopify plans to expand the scope of Functions to include additional features like checkout and cart validations, return validations, and programmable order routing. 

This expansion will further empower developers to build innovative solutions and address complex challenges at scale.

The Benefits of Shopify Functions

Ok, now that we know what Shopify Functions is, let’s cover some of the benefits:

1. Drive More Conversions with Micro-customizations

Shopify Functions were created with the goal of empowering brands to build powerful promotions and offer unique buying experiences, ultimately helping them stand out in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

Stemming from the success of Shopify Scripts introduced in 2016, which led to a 20% increase in average order value for brands, Functions continues this legacy by providing even greater flexibility and ease of use.

For example, using Shopify Functions in a Shopify t-shirt store can automate personalized discounts. For instance, offering $20 off orders over $200 for customers who abandon carts at $150. These micro-customizations not only encourage purchases but also boost average order value, driving conversions and revenue growth.

2. Simplified Promotion Management

One of the key advantages of Shopify Functions is their user-friendly nature. 

Unlike traditional code modifications, Functions are installed like any other app and configured directly within the Shopify Admin interface. T

his streamlined approach eliminates the need for manual code adjustments, allowing merchants to effortlessly manage their promotions without technical expertise.

3. More Discount Flexibility

With Functions, merchants can create powerful promotions by combining custom discounts with Shopify's built-in product, order, and shipping discounts. 

For example, merchants can leverage Discount Combinations to offer tailored promotions such as volume discounts combined with free shipping, all configurable within the Shopify Admin interface. 

Additionally, discounts built with Functions seamlessly integrate with Shopify Analytics sales reporting, providing merchants with comprehensive insights into their promotional performance.

4. Accessibility for All Merchants

Functions are distributed in apps, making them accessible for purchase in the Shopify App Store. This accessibility ensures that even merchants without access to development teams or agencies can leverage the unique customizations offered by Shopify Functions to enhance their stores and drive growth.

5. Exclusive Features for Shopify Plus Brands

Shopify Plus brands enjoy exclusive access to advanced Function capabilities, allowing them to write and distribute their own Functions through custom apps.

This exclusive feature empowers Shopify Plus brands to address niche or advanced use cases that may not be available in the general Shopify App Store. 

For example, a Shopify Plus appliance store can create custom Functions to run specific promotions based on brand names, providing unparalleled control and customization tailored to their unique business needs.

3 of the Best Apps Built on Shopify Functions

As a retailer. apps built on Shopify Functions let you easily create everything from custom volume discounts to unique delivery rules. 

The main benefit? You can configure them directly in your admin without touching a single line of code.

1. ReConvert - Shopify Discount Functions & Checkout Functions

ReConvert empowers you to offer one-of-a-kind promotions on your checkout page, your post-purchase page, and your thank you page.

ReConvert is the most popular upsell solution on Shopify with over 40,000+ monthly users. It empowers you to effortlessly grow your revenue by up to 15% in just a few clicks.


2. Bird Pickup Delivery Date - Shopify Delivery Functions

Bird app helps your customers schedule their in-store pickup, local delivery, and shipping orders with ease. 

The app is highly customizable and offers a feature-rich and easy-to-understand dashboard. The app is suitable for Shopify-based restaurants, cafes, florist/flower shops, or if you offer local delivery from a brick-and-mortar shop.

3. Releasit Cash On Delivery - Shopify Payment Functions

Releasit Cash On Delivery allows you to fully customize the Cash on Delivery payment method on your store. 

You can add a custom fee (fixed value or percentage) to all your COD orders so that you can cover your additional costs and incentivize prepaid orders. 

You can also hide or show COD at checkout based on any condition (order total, country, products, collections, customers, and more).


Shopify Functions Will Continue to Develop

In conclusion, Shopify Functions represent a groundbreaking evolution in eCommerce, providing merchants with unparalleled customization capabilities and streamlined workflows. 

As Shopify continues to develop and expand Functions, merchants, and developers can look forward to even more innovative features and opportunities for growth in the ever-evolving landscape of online commerce. 

With Shopify Functions, the journey toward eCommerce excellence is ever-progressing.

Shopify Functions FAQ

Let’s quickly cover some of the most commonly asked questions relating to Shopify functions.

What is Shopify Functions?

Shopify Functions is a powerful tool that allows merchants to extend and customize their Shopify stores' functionality using serverless JavaScript functions. These functions can be used to create custom features, automate processes, and enhance the overall shopping experience.

How to Use Shopify Functions?

To use Shopify Functions, developers write code in any language that compiles to WebAssembly, then package and deploy the code as a function. Merchants can install these functions as apps directly from the Shopify App Store and configure them within the Shopify Admin interface.

What is the Difference Between Shopify Functions and Shopify Scripts?

While both Shopify Functions and Shopify Scripts allow for customizing store functionality, the main difference lies in their scope and ease of use. Shopify Functions offer a more streamlined and accessible approach, as they can be installed and configured like any other app, whereas Shopify Scripts require direct code modifications and are primarily focused on checkout customization.

How to Create a Shopify Function?

To create a Shopify Function, developers write code in their preferred language, compile it to WebAssembly, and package it as a function. This function can then be deployed and distributed as an app through the Shopify App Store, making it accessible to merchants for configuration within the Shopify Admin interface.

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