Shopify Draft Orders: How to Create Them & Use Them to Your Advantage

Shopify is a versatile e-commerce platform that empowers businesses to create, customize, manage and promote their online stores. Among its many features, draft orders play a crucial role in facilitating smooth transactions and providing flexibility to businesses.


What Are Shopify Draft Orders?

Draft orders in Shopify are essentially orders created manually by merchants for products or services that aren't available through their online store. This can include custom orders, phone orders, or wholesale purchases. 

Draft orders offer businesses the ability to extend their offerings beyond what's listed on their storefront, enhancing the platform's adaptability for various business models.

What Can I Use Shopify Draft Orders For?

Draft orders on Shopify can be a handy tool for undertaking tasks such as:

  • Send invoices with a secure checkout link: Easily generate and send invoices to customers with a secure link for hassle-free payments.
  • Accept payment for a phone, in-person order, or pre-order: Provide customers with the flexibility to place orders through various channels and pay securely.
  • Recreate a customer’s existing order manually: Duplicate previous orders to simplify reordering processes, saving time for both merchants and customers.
  • Sell products at a discount or wholesale rates: Apply discounts or offer wholesale pricing for specific products, expanding your sales strategies.
  • Save unfinished orders for completion later: Store partially completed orders, allowing customers to return and complete their purchase at their convenience.
  • Use custom items for products or services not displayed in your inventory: Add bespoke items or services to draft orders, even if they're not listed in your online inventory.

So, if you’re looking to make use of draft orders on Shopify, let’s cover how to create them in your store

How do I create a Draft Order in Shopify?

Creating a draft order in Shopify is a straightforward process:

  • Log in to your Shopify account: Navigate to your Shopify store’s dashboard.
  • Go to Orders: In the left-hand menu, click on "Orders."
  • Create Order: Once on the Orders page, click "Create order."
A screenshot showing how to create a draft order on Shopify
  • Add Products or Services: In the order creation page, you can search for and add products or services. You can also customize quantities, discounts, and add notes.
  • Fill in Customer Information: Enter the customer's details, including their name, email address, and any additional information required.
a screencapture of how to create a draft order on Shopify
  • Save the Draft Order: Click "Save" to create the draft order. You can now send an email invoice to the customer or process the payment manually.

What is the Shopify Draft Order API (& what can I use it for)?

Am image depicting the Shopify draft order API

The Shopify Draft Order API is a powerful tool that allows developers to interact programmatically with draft orders. With this API, you can automate various aspects of draft order management, including creation, retrieval, and modification.

You can access the Shopify Draft Order API here. Or Learn more about Shopify API keys here.

Use Cases of the Shopify Draft Order API:

  • Custom Integrations: Integrate your Shopify store with other platforms or tools for seamless order management.
  • Wholesale and B2B Sales: Streamline the process of handling wholesale or B2B orders, ensuring a smooth transaction experience.
  • Automated Invoicing: Automatically generate and send invoices for custom or special orders.
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of inventory levels for products not available in your online store.

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Use Shopify Draft Orders Today!

Draft orders in Shopify are a versatile feature that empowers businesses to handle a wide range of transactions. Whether you're offering custom products, managing wholesale orders, or need to create special invoices, draft orders provide the flexibility you need to meet your customers' unique demands.


Shopify Draft Order FAQs

Let’s quickly cover some of the most commonly asked questions related to draft orders on Shopify.

Can I convert a draft order into a regular order?

Yes, you can convert a draft order into a regular order in Shopify. Simply open the draft order, review and confirm the details, and then click on "Create order." This will finalize the transaction and move it to the order section.

Can I edit a draft order after it's created?

Yes, you can edit a draft order even after it's created. Simply locate the draft order in your Shopify admin panel, make the necessary adjustments, and then save the changes.

How can I send an invoice to the customer for a draft order?

To send an invoice for a draft order, go to the draft order in your admin panel, click on "Send email," and choose the "Invoice" option. This will generate and send an email to the customer with the invoice attached.

Can I apply discounts or promotions to a draft order?

Yes, you can apply discounts or promotions to a draft order in the same way you would for a regular order. When creating or editing the draft order, simply apply the relevant discount codes or percentage discounts.

Is it possible to fulfill a draft order like a regular order?

Yes, you can fulfill a draft order in the same way you would fulfill a regular order. Once the order is ready to be shipped or fulfilled, you can process it through your Shopify admin panel.

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