Flexible Pricing That Grows With Your Store

Our mission with ReConvert is to make sure you have a positive ROI from the app. We’ve built our pricing in a way that fits the smallest and largest stores alike.

Our Pricing

How many orders do you have?

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  • Join over 30,000 Shopify stores
  • 30 Days FREE Trial
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Average ROI – over 2,000%
  • Full Reporting and Analystics
  • Average increase in revenue – 10%-15%

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I have to replace the my payment processor or the Shopify checkout?

ReConvert works with all payment gateways and use the Shopify native checkout and thank you page. You DON’T need to replace the checkout or your payment processor.

How exactly do the charges for the app work?

The app is completely free if you have less than 50 orders per month. Upon installing the app you get a 30 days free trial. Once this trial ends, you’ll be charged according to the number of orders you had in your store the previous month.

Will I be billed if the app is installed but not active?

Yes, as long as the app is installed, the trial period has ended and you have more than 50 orders a month, you will be billed for the app – so make sure you take advantage of it!

Is it possible to set a different offer depending on what the customer bought?

Yes! You can use our Trigger feature to show different thank you pages to different customers, depending on customer, order, or product details. This feature is available for all plans. Read more about the feature here.


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