How Lucyd Achieved 4,601% ROI With Thank You Page Cross-Sells


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Smart sunglasses brand Lucyd is the brainchild of Harrison Gross, David Cohen, and Konrad Dabrowski – a dedicated trio of tech entrepreneurs passionate about upgraded eyewear.Lucyd offers a one-of-a-kind eCom experience, where you can try on glasses virtually, consult an in-house eye doctor for free, and pick from a huge amount of custom lens options, all at a price that matches standard prescription glasses.
Florida, United States

The Problem

How to add upsells without detracting from the customer’s experience or affecting the conversion rate

Lucyd pride themselves on creating the best possible eCommerce experience for their customers.

So when looking for a way to implement upsells and cross-sells on their store they were conscious of how it might impact the user experience.

With several widgets, banners, and pop-ups already on their store, the Lucyd team thought that introducing mid-sale upsells might cause too much confusion, interrupt the sales process, and cause customers to bounce.

The Solution

Move upsells from pre-purchase to post-purchase, where they won't interrupt the buyer's journey

ReConvert allowed the team at Lucyd to move their upsells and cross-sells to their store’s thank you page creating a streamlined front-end shopping experience.

But these weren’t just any upsells; Lucyd took their upsells to the next level with by using ReConvert’s personalized recommendations and countdown timers to drive more conversions.

In addition, they added other elements to their thank you page such as a birthday collector (which syncs with their email software) and a recommended products section, which allowed them to drive customers back to the store and continue browsing post-purchase.

It's extra sales for no extra work
With ReConvert everything is geared towards getting that extra revenue. For merchants, it’s pretty much extra sales for no extra work.
Harrison Gross

The Result

A better shopping experience & a 5.6% revenue boost

Just three months after installing ReConvert, Lucyd is enjoying a 5.6% boost in their net revenue directly attributable to their customized thank-you page.

“What we’re seeing is a lot of customers who are coming back and buying something within a couple of minutes,” says Harrison Gross, CEO of Lucyd.

“When you think about it, It’s a much more logical customer journey compared with mid-sale upsells where you’re trying to sell to shoppers who may not be ready to buy yet”

With an average thank you page order value of $100+, the team at Lucyd is recouping a 4601% return on investment against the costs of using the app. When we asked Harrison his favorite thing about ReConvert, he said:

"With ReConvert everything is geared towards getting that extra revenue. For merchants, it’s pretty much extra sales for no extra work."

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