How Hike Footwear Used Checkout Cross-sells to Generate an Extra $128,223 in 7 Months


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Hike Footwear
Hike Footwear is a new eCommerce brand dedicated to revolutionizing comfort and support in daily life through innovative barefoot shoes. With a commitment to foot health and wellness, Hike Footwear offers a wide range of barefoot shoes designed to alleviate foot-related pains and promote overall well-being. Their mission extends beyond mere footwear sales; they aim to empower individuals to prioritize the health of their feet, regardless of their lifestyle or activities.
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The Problem

Despite their commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction, Hike Footwear faced the common challenge of maximizing revenue per order. 

As acquisition costs continued to rise, they needed to capitalize on every opportunity to increase the value of customer transactions. 

With this in mind, they sought a solution to implement strategic upselling techniques seamlessly into their Shopify store.

The Solution

Hike Footwear found the answer to their upselling needs in ReConvert, a Shopify upsell app trusted by over 40,000 retailers monthly. 

Leveraging ReConvert's intuitive features, Hike Footwear implemented checkout cross-sells, offering customers a 50% discount on orthopedic insoles as they finalized their purchases. 

Additionally, they integrated ReConvert's Conversion Monster Funnel, comprising one-click upsells and thank-you page offers, to further drive sales.

Hike Footwear's ReConvert-powered Checkout Upsell

The Result

The impact of ReConvert on Hike Footwear's revenue was remarkable.  Over just seven months after installing ReConvert, they achieved

💰$138,233 in checkout cross-sell revenue

Hike Footwear achieved a checkout cross-sell conversion rate (CVR) of 1.71%, generating an additional $138,223 in sales from the orthopedic insole offer alone. This highlights the power of checkout cross-sells as an underexploited strategy to increase revenue and profit.

💸$267,803 in one-click upsell revenue

Hike Footwear secured an extra $267,803 in additional sales vis their post-purchase one-click upsell offers. These offers are displayed immediately after checkout and offer additional targeted products with minimal friction for customers to add another item to their order.

📈 $281,121 in thank you page upsell revenue

Hike Footwear placed additional offers on their thank you page. This transformed their standard thank you page from a placeholder into a revenue-generating asset, rounding out their post-purchase sales funnel. Hike Footwear's thank you page offers brought in an additional $281,121 in sales.

🤑A total of $677,147 in additional revenue with ReConvert

Reconvert's three upselling features had a major impact on HIke Footwear's sales performance. Adding Hike Footwears checkout upsells, one-click upsells, and thank you page upsells together, the brand generated an impressive $677,147 in extra sales.

✅An upsell conversion rate (CVR) of 13.05%

One of the most striking outcomes was Hike Footwear's post-purchase conversion rate (CVR) of 13.05%, meaning they successfully converted over 13% of customers into making a second purchase at no additional acquisition cost. 

This remarkable achievement underscores the effectiveness of ReConvert in driving repeat sales and maximizing customer lifetime value.

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Through the strategic implementation of ReConvert, Hike Footwear not only increased its average order value but also fostered deeper customer engagement and loyalty. 

Their orthopedic insoles combine with their footwear to create a better customer experience, while also generating more revenue for the brand. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

With over 13% of customers accepting one or more of Hike Footwear’s ReConvert offers, what would your brand look like if you could achieve similar results, at almost no extra cost?

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