How BJJ Fanatics Generated $452,288 in Q4 with Thank You Page Upsells


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BJJ Fanatics
BJJ Fanatics was founded by Bernardo Faria and John Danaher, two black belts in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. They wanted to create a shop for BJJ students who want to learn more about the sport and improve their skills. BJJ Fanatics sells a variety of goods, primarily instructional videos & courses, but also gear such as rashguards, and t-shirts.
Massachusetts, USA
Sporting Goods

The Problem

BJJ Fanatics is a leading brand in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu industry. However, with new competitors entering the market, the brand looked to increase profitability and achieve its Q4 targets.

After reviewing their strategy, BJJ Fanatics realized that the post-purchase experience represented a massive opportunity to generate more revenue.

Specifically, BJJ Fanatics sought to capitalize on the Thank You Page, a crucial touchpoint after customers completed their purchases, to present relevant upsell offers.

The challenge was to drive additional revenue and enhance the overall customer experience by providing personalized and valuable post-purchase recommendations.

The Solution

Follwing extensive research of several Shopify apps, BJJ Fanatics opted for ReConvert due to its user-friendly interface, customization capabilities, and the promise of seamless integration with the existing Shopify store.

ReConvert offered a high degree of customization, allowing BJJ Fanatics to tailor the Thank You Page to match the brand's aesthetics and offer targeted post-purchase upsells.

The app's intuitive design and user-friendly interface made it easy for the BJJ Fanatics team to set up and manage upsells without requiring extensive technical expertise.

ReConvert's analytics and reporting features provided valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling BJJ Fanatics to make informed decisions and continuously optimize their upsell strategy.

BJJ Fanatics strategically implemented upsell offers on the Thank You Page using a simple thank you page pop-up. The brand featured complementary products such as additional instructional videos, exclusive rashguards, and limited-edition merchandise.

Leveraging ReConvert's personalization features, BJJ Fanatics displayed targeted upsell recommendations based on customers' purchase history, ensuring relevance and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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John Danadher
Co-founder, BJJ Fanatics

The Result

The implementation of ReConvert’s thank you page offers yielded remarkable results for BJJ Fanatics in Q4:

💰$452,288 in Additional Revenue in Q4

The Thank You Page upsells generated an extra $452,288 in revenue during the fourth quarter, exceeding expectations and showcasing the strategy's effectiveness.

📈8,065 Additional Orders

BJJ Fanatics experienced a substantial increase in orders, with 8,065 additional purchases attributed to the Thank You Page upsell offers in Q4

💸$56.08 Thank You Page AOV (Average Order Value)

The Average Order Value on the Thank You Page reached an impressive $56.08, indicating that customers were not only receptive to the upsell offers but also willing to spend more per transaction.

🎯11.56% Conversion Rate on Thank You Page Offers

The Thank You Page upsell offers boasted an impressive conversion rate of 11.56%, highlighting the relevance and appeal of the suggested products to the customers.

By strategically utilizing the ReConvert Shopify app, BJJ Fanatics successfully transformed the Thank You Page into a revenue-generating asset. 

The customizable and data-driven approach allowed the brand to boost sales and deliver a more personalized and engaging experience for their BJJ community. 

These results underscore the importance of leveraging post-purchase upsells to optimize the customer journey and achieve significant growth for your Shopify store, with very little additional effort.

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