ReConvert vs CartHook: Which is the Best Upsell App?

ReConvert vs Carthook: Some of the top upselling apps on Shopify right now. But which one is the better fit for your store?

  • Jerrel
  • March 23, 2022
  • 11 minutes

Running a high-volume Shopify store isn’t just about selling products with excellent quality.

The most profitable stores have top-notch marketing, employees, design, and tools.

And upselling apps are tools with some of the highest ROI out there.  But when it comes down to deciding on one, there are various options on the market.

To help you decide which tool is best for your store, we went through each of the most popular upselling apps and tested them out.

Today, we’ll compare two of those: ReConvert vs CartHook.

Please note: Information is accurate at time of publishing. Updates and new features can be found at the relevant app’s listing’ to all comparison articles

ReConvert CartHook
Features One-Click Post-Purchase Upsell Funnels

– Upsell Analytics Suite

– Advanced Segmentation

– Visual Funnel Editor

– Smart Product Recommendations

– Thank You Page Editor (16 different widgets)

– Birthday Collector

– Post Purchase Surveys

– Order Tracking

– Reorder Button

– Product Recommendations

– Product Upsells

– Activity Report

– 1 Click Setup

– Magic Designer

– One-Click Post-Purchase Upsell Funnels

– Upsell Analytics Suite

– Basic Segmentation

– Split Testing

Pricing 30-Day Free Trial
Free up to 50 orders/month 
Paid Plan Starts at 7.99
14-Day Free Trial
Paid Plan Starts at $50/month + 1% of post purchase revenue
Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat
Email Support
Average response time – 4 minutes
Phone Line
Help Center

Help videos
Live Chat Support (Monday – Friday, 6AM to 2PM Pacific Time)
Email Support
Help videos & articles
Third-party Integrations 14+ 1
Reviews 2,920 reviews
Score: 5.0
29 reviews
Score: 3.7
ReConvert HoneyComb OCU AfterSell AfterSell
Reviews 2,966 416 180 320 28
Review Score 5 4.9 4.6 4.9 3.8
Integrations 16 1 1


One-Click Upsell Funnels v v v v v
Visual Funnel Editor v v v v v
Funnel & Upsell Analytics v v v v v
Thank You Page Upsells v v v v
Split Testing v v v
Thank You Page Analytics Advanced Basic Basic Basic
Smart Product Recommendations v v
Birthday Collector v
Order Tracking Widget v
1-Click Activation v
Surveys v
Reorder Button v
Social Sharing v
Activity Report v
Pre Purchase Upsells v v
Thank You Page Widgets 16 widgets 6 widgets
Funnel Segmentation Advanced Basic Basic Basic Basic
Customer Based Funnel Segmentation v v
(With Scale Plan or Higher)
Product Based Funnel Segmentation v v v v v
Order Based Funnel Segmentation v v v v
Device Based Funnel Segmentation v v
Pricing Starts at $7.99 Starts at $49.99 Starts at $24.99 Starts at $7.99 Starts at $50
Free Trial 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 14 Days
Free Plan: v v v

Customer Support:

Helpdesk v v v v v
Phone Line v
Live Chat v v v v
Email Support v v v v v
Availability & Response Time 24/7 average response time 3-4 minutes. Responds within 48 hours Typically replies within a few hours. Usually reply in under 3 hours Available Monday – Friday, 6AM to 2PM Pacific Time

ReConvert vs CartHook: Upselling Features

The features of each app are some of the most critical aspects, so we’ll discuss them first.

Differences Between the Upselling Features

ReConvert features one-click post purchase upsell funnels and a thank you page editor to help further optimize your store for conversions, while CartHook offers just the one-click post-purchase funnels.

Let’s compare how these two apps stack up.

ReConvert’s Thank You Page & Funnel Editors 

ReConvert comes stock with 16 widgets to choose from while editing your thank you pages. Each widget is designed to help fit various store and niches while boosting conversions.

Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Birthday/Survey Collector

Birthday and Survey Collectors allow you to gather valuable insights on customers, as well as information that can be used in automated email campaigns. (Which we’ll touch on more later.)

  • Reorder Button

The reorder button allows customers to remake the purchase they’ve just made at a discount offer.

It’s particularly useful for stores where customers might buy in quantities of more than one, pet food or consumables are a great example of this.

  • Order Tracking

Order tracking helps to add convenience to each order and improve the customer experience with one simple widget.

  • Pop-Up Timer

The pop-up timer gives merchants an easy way to implement urgency to their deals.

It allows you to create discount offers specific to the pop-up, and has various options on the visual side so you can edit it to match your store’s aesthetic.

  • Social Sharing

The social share button makes it easy for customers to share their purchases (and offer friends discounts if they visit the store and make a purchase!)

ReConvert’s Funnel Editor

ReConvert’s funnel editor takes level-of-depth and accessibility as primary focuses- Which means it’s easy for any merchant to hop onto the tool and start creating highly-optimized funnels right away.

The drag & drop UI that makes for easy visual editing is one of the main reasons for this.

drag and drop reconvert ui

With various parts of the funnel able to be placed right where you need them, there are also plenty of options for segmentation and customization within each drop-down menu, though we’ll touch on segmentation a bit further down.

CartHook’s Funnel Editor

Unfortunately, CartHook doesn’t offer a thank you page builder at the moment, so we’ll get right to the funnel editor. 

Overall, CartHook’s funnel builder is certainly serviceable.

Once through the overview screen, you can edit specific funnels with plenty of options for triggers and offers.

Though one thing to note, a few options are reserved for users on the “Scale” plan or higher, which costs $250 per month.

Managing Discounts in the Apps

Upsells and post-purchase offers tend to involve discounts or other types of deals, so it’s ideal for the app a merchant uses to have features that let you create those offers without having to rely on Shopify’s stock UI.

Here’s how these two apps handle discount management.


ReConvert enables merchants to customize their offers down to the finest details for perfectly optimized funnels.

Conditionals based on order value, user devices, and other segmentation options are also available.

This means merchants can create highly tailored offers for each customer, a 20% discount for orders over $500, for instance- Or an offer that is only displayed to mobile visitors.


CartHook’s discount management features are solid as well.

Using the in-app UI, merchants have the ability to select percentage-based or flat rate discounts, edit shipping offers, and more.

ReConvert vs CartHook: Segmentation Features

One of the biggest advantages that digital marketing brings is that each advertisement, offer, or piece of content isn’t a billboard for everyone to see.

Each specific user has a different footprint, so you customize ads to show to various groups and segments of customers.

Segmentation of offers is one of the factors that differentiates top performing stores from the rest, so an upselling app needs to come stock with high-level support for it.

With all of that said, how well do these apps enable merchants to segment their offers? Let’s dive in and find out.


ReConvert’s segmentation features cover the whole nine yards when it comes to customization.

Using various funnels, you can set offers to trigger based on location, past purchases, order value- or even down to the specific operating system a user is running.

But how is this useful to a Shopify merchant?

Let’s cover some specific use cases..

For VIP customers that have spent over $100, you could offer a 10% discount if they make a $50 purchase.

Say that desktop users tend to buy multiple bags of pet food at once. A merchant could make a desktop-specific funnel that offers a $15 discount if a customer buys 3 or more bags at once.

Find that customers who add items from your hoodie collection tend to abandon cart at a higher rate? Create an offer that offers the hoodies at 15% off.

While these are just examples, the amount of customization with ReConvert means that merchants can create custom offers to fit virtually any store or niche.


CartHook’s segmentation features have a decent amount of depth to them as well, though in this app’s case- It isn’t quite as accessible as ReConvert.

The first challenge is that the advanced segmentation options (customer tags) are locked behind the “Scale” tier, meaning a merchant would have to pay a minimum of $250 per month to get access to them.

Customer tag-based segmentation allows a great level of depth, but it comes at a cost.

This is because customer tags require each customer to be given either one or more “tags” for it to work.

Tags can be assigned based on whichever metrics are relevant, but it adds some workload to the process.

They’ll either have to be added manually or with an app, meaning it takes more work for similar results.

ReConvert vs CartHook: Which App Has Better Analytics?


ReConvert’s analytics dashboard looks like this:

It gives easy access to all of the metrics a merchant might need to optimize their funnels.

  • Revenue

Find out how much revenue your store generates, and how much of that revenue is generated by ReConvert.

  • ROI

The ROI metric gives an at-a-glance idea of how much return you’re getting from your investment on ReConvert.

  • Thank You Page Conversion Rate/Bounces

Knowing your thank you page conversion rate means you can continue to optimize your pages for the best result, while minimizing bounces.

  • Birthdays/Surveys Collected

Determine how successful your birthday and survey campaigns are at any given moment.

  • And more


CartHook’s analytics page is similar, if not slightly less advanced than ReConvert’s

It offers key stats like sales, conversion rate, and a list of your best-converting funnels, but it lacks a few other key metrics like bounce rate and ROI.

Integration Support


Reconvert has integrations with 14+ Shopify apps at the moment.

list of integrations for reconvert

You can use Klaviyo and ReConvert to create email-based marketing offers on customers’ birthdays.

Or Wiser Recommendations, which will allow you to implement automated product offers for your customers.

Integrating third-party apps with ReConvert allows merchants to take their funnels to the next level.

And for merchants who are already using some of these apps, it saves the time and hassle of tinkering with them to get each app to work together.


In terms of integrations with Shopify apps, CartHook only supports one at the time of writing this article.

The integration itself is with ReCharge.

A Bonus Feature: The ReConvert Magic Designer

The design process can be one of the most tedious, time-consuming aspects of Shopify store creation and management.

Each widget, each page, and each offer has to be specifically designed to match the overall brand scheme.

And this is true for each plugin, app, and thank you page.

The Magic Designer that comes stock with ReConvert changes that.

ReConvert’s Magic Designer takes a store’s main theme and implements it across its widgets and thank you pages.

Want to design a Holiday sale for Halloween? Instead of having to manually edit each page after your main one, ReConvert will take that theme and apply it across your thank you pages and offers.

ReConvert vs CartHook: Pricing


reconvert scaled pricing structure

ReConvert pricing is based on store growth rather than a tier-based system.

Which is to say, ReConvert only costs money if you’re making money. The price of ReConvert is a sliding scale that grows with a merchant’s number of orders.

First, there’s a 30-day free trial period, and then the paid plans start at $7.99 per month.

(The paid plans are only necessary if you’re already making 99 or more monthly orders on your store, less than that, and it’s free!)


CartHook is on the expensive side when it comes to upselling apps.

With no free plans and a paid plan that starts with $50, merchants that opt for it will have to shell out a bit more than they might with competitors.

In addition, CartHook takes a 1% commission from all post-purchase revenue.

Aside from the commissions, most of the plans don’t scale with store growth, so ROI will have to be carefully monitored to ensure that merchants aren’t overinvesting in the app.

ReConvert vs CartHook: Getting Started with Each App

One-click activation

ReConvert’s onboarding process is simple and straightforward.

You just have to download the app, click “enable,” and set it as your default app in your store settings.

This means you’ll have to spend less time configuring the app and have more time to focus on optimizing your funnels.

CartHook’s Activation Process

CartHook’s activation process went relatively smoothly. With a few button presses, it was easy to get off to the races and start designing a few starter funnels.

Pre-Made Templates


ReConvert comes stock with the “Conversion Monster” funnel- which is a great starting point to base the rest of your funnels off.

Of course, if you’d rather start from scratch, you have the option to do just that with the “create a new funnel” option.


At the moment, CartHook doesn’t offer any premade templates in their funnel editor.

ReConvert vs CartHook: Which App Has the Better UI & UX?

App design and UI


Easy of use is at the front and center when it comes to ReConvert.

Designing compelling funnels, creating high-converting thank you pages, or designing complex customer segments is all made easy and accessible through the UI.

And for visual workers, the drag and drop style of editing will make it easy to visualize your funnels from a top-down perspective to see the bigger picture.


CartHook’s UI is certainly up there in terms of quality, with easy to find features- There shouldn’t be very many problems when it comes to editing funnels.

This being said, merchants who prefer to have a visual, top-down view of their funnels might have a tougher time with CartHook.

ReConvert vs CartHook: Customer Support

Customer support is another critical component of an upselling app.

If you run a store that consistently moves products off the shelves, an app error that lasts an hour can lose you thousands of dollars.

If you don’t have access to quick-acting customer support agents, these issues could lead to hours of downtime and far too much lost revenue.

Hence why we value customer support as one of the most important factors today.

Let’s compare how the two apps stack up in this category.


ReConvert’s customer support is top of the line when it comes to responsiveness and helpfulness.

First, there are multiple channels to choose from; whether you’d rather search through the helpdesk section or speak to a live agent, plenty of options are available.

Currently, here are all of the channels on offer:

  • Live 24/7 Chat
  • Phone Support – Average response time of 4 minutes
  • Email Support
  • Helpdesk/FAQ Section


CartHook offers support via email, live chat, and their helpdesk section.

This means that most times, relatively quick support shouldn’t be hard to find if a problem arises.

That is, when your problem occurs between 6 am – 2 pm Pacific Time on the Monday thru Friday.

Unfortunately, the lack of live support outside business hours is a significant drawback.

Should a problem arise outside these hours, it could be a full day or more before merchants are able to get an agent on the line to help find a solution.

ReConvert vs CartHook: Shopify App Store Reviews

Let’s take a look at how customers have reviewed each app:


ReConvert boasts over 31,000 customers and over 2,900 reviews- And still maintains a 5-star rating on the store.


CartHook only boasts a 3.7-star rating among 29 total reviews at the time of writing.

ReConvert vs CartHook: Which is the Better Shopify App?

When comparing the two apps, they’re quite similar in a few aspects.

Well-built post-purchase funnel editors, good segmentation options, and easy-to-use UI.

With that being said, they still differ in a few critical areas.

In the segmentation area, ReConvert’s features are much more easily accessed in terms of budget, since pricing scales with store growth.

Thank you page funnels are also a feature that’s lacking when it comes to CartHook.

When combined with the lack of 24/7 support options on CartHook’s end, we have to give the #1 slot for today to ReConvert.

Want to try out ReConvert for your own store?

Click here to start your free trial of ReConvert today.

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