21 Must-See Customer Service Videos

Customer service videos are one of the best ways to level-up your customer support and enhance you customer experience.

Think about it: They’re free. You can watch them anytime. You can pause them whenever you like. And best of all, they offer incredible insight from some of the world’s smartest minds.

You likely know that providing excellent customer service is a core pillar of your business. In an age where acquisition costs continue to rise, focusing on customer retention is critical.

Satisfied customers

Here, we’ve curated a selection of the best customer service training videos on the web.

Covering topics ranging from communication to leadership, you’ll find useful ideas that’ll help you and your team do better work.

Customer Service Training Videos

Not everyone has a customer service training budget. In this first section, we’ve rounded up seven training videos that you can use to take your performance to new heights without handing over fortune.

1. Five Ways to Listen Better

77% of consumers will like you more if you invite and accept customer feedback. That means listening is one of the most important soft skills for customer service reps. Everyone, including customers, wants to be heard.

This short talk given by Julian Treasure shares five ways that customer service reps can retune their ears for conscious listening.

“Every Human being needs to listen consciously in order to live fully...a world where we don’t listen to each other at all is a very scary place.” Julian Treasure

2. How to not take things personally

Even if you’re committed to providing the best products and the highest levels of support, you’ll inevitably run into some rude, snarky, and mean customers.

When that happens it’s essential to not take things personally. In this video, Frederik Imbo shares his best advice for keeping your wits about you when the insults start flying.

“People may attack you, criticize you, or ignore you. They can crumple you up with their words, spit you out, or even walk all over you. But remember, whatever they do or say, you will always keep your value.” Frederik Imbo

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3. Give ’em the Pickle

We’ve all been guilty of alienating customers over things that don’t really matter thanks to protocol. And that’s terrible because the number one reason customers switch to a new brand is that they feel unappreciated.

Entrepreneur Bob Farrell tells how he lost a customer by charging them for a side of pickles.

The experience taught him one of the most valuable customer service lessons of his life: Stop nickel-and-diming your customers. You’ll make more money when you just give them the pickle!

Make serving others your number one priority!“ Bob Farrell

4. Making Your Customers Feel Welcome

It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to find the next customer service hack or tactic that we lose sight of the one thing that really matters: the attitude we bring to each interaction.

In this video, Jan Gunnarsson shares his thoughts on customer service based on his years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Jan tells us to see customers as an extension of ourselves and to realize that at that moment, you are an important part of their life.

“Make people feel included, involved, seen. Make them feel like human beings. Welcome your customers as cherished guests” Jan Gunnarsson

5. Going The Extra Mile

If you regularly take cabs, you’ll know that the level of service can be hit and miss depending on your driver.

In this video, customer service guru Shep Hyken recounts a tale that shows us how any business can set themselves head and shoulders above the rest if they’re willing to go the extra mile.

6. Making Amends When Things Go Wrong

Sometimes, no matter how many things you do right, things can still go south. It’s inevitable that a small pool of customer will have a poor experience with your brand.

But as Jon Picoult shares, you don’t need to resign yourself to this fact. In fact, with the right approach, you can turn dissatisfied customers into loyal advocates.

“When something goes wrong, focus not just on the mechanics of your customer’s experience, but also consider how you can make them feel special” Jon Picoult

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7. Adding the ‘Fred’ Factor

How do you make customers go from being just satisfied with to becoming trumpet-blowing advocates?

In this video, Mark Sanborn tells the story of his mailman Fred and how his extraordinary performance of an ordinary job left an incredible impact.

Inspiring Customer Service Videos for Leaders

Great customer service starts with great leadership. Here you’ll find five videos that inspire you to lead your team to new heights.

1. Put Your Staff First

Anybody in business will tell you that the customer comes first. But in this video, legendary entrepreneur Richard Branson reveals the surprisingly simple formula behind Virgin’s exceptional customer service. Hint: it’s not about putting your customers first!

It should go without saying that if a person who works at your company is 100% proud of the job their doing, has the tools to do the job, and are treated well…your customer will have a nice experience - Richard Branson

2. Take Ownership of Your Performance

When things go awry, it’s easy to single out the responsible parties and point the finger in blame.

But in this riveting talk, ex-navy seal commander Jocko Willink explains from personal experience how when a team as a whole takes ownership of its problems, the problems get solved.

“The most fundamental and important truth at the heart of Extreme Ownership: there are no bad teams, only bad leaders.” Jocko Willink

3. How Great Leaders inspire Action

In this classic video, Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how you can inspire action in your team by starting with a golden circle and ultimately getting to the “why?”

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” Simon Sinek

4. Customer Service Secrets From Zappos

Few companies are as well-known for their incredible customer service as online shoe retailer Zappos.

In this short interview with Business Insider, the late CEO Tony Hsieh shares some quick but useful insights on what makes Zappos’ customers keep coming back for more.

“Customer service shouldn’t be a department, it should be the entire company.” Tony Hsieh

5. How to Speak So People Will Listen

For both team leaders and customer service reps, being able to speak in a way that commands the attention of others is vital.

In this talk, Julian Treasure teaches some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy while sharing his vision of a world filled with better communication.

“It’s a common mistake to speak the same to everybody. We all have different filters.” Julian Treasure

Animated Customer Service Videos

Sometimes a quick animation is all that’s needed to get the point across. Here’s three useful animated customer service videos to enjoy.

1. Watch Your Tone

When dealing with customers, the way you say things is arguably more important than what you say. And in the digital age, tone of voice has become even more important.

This animated video from Unbabel will help you understand how your tone of voice affects your interactions with customers.

2. Empahthize With Anxious Customers

Anxious customers often won’t come right out and say what’s affecting them. That’s where empathy is key.

This animated video illustrates how to empathize with worried customers and make sure their concerns are validated.

3. The History of Customer Service

Ever wonder when the first customer complaint was made?

In this fun animated video, you’ll learn about the beginnings of customer service, how it developed over the years and where it’s going in the future.

Bonus: Funny Customer Service Videos

Let’s face it: some customer service scenarios can be pretty funny from time to time. Here are five hilarious customer service videos to give you a chuckle.

1. Meet the Parents Customer Service

Meet the Parents is a total classic and this customer service scene is one of the best parts. What makes it funny is that it’s so relatable; at some point, we’ve all been held to ransom by outrageously rigid company policies.

2. The Office Sales Call Scene

The Office did a fantastic job of hilariously mocking the duller moments of office life. This sales call scene is an excellent example of how not to handle customers over the phone.

3. Seinfeld Customer Service Scene

If your customers feel like they have to tiptoe around you or jump through hoops to buy from you – you can bet they won’t! And just like this scene from Seinfeld, it won’t be long before somebody figures out how to make your product and steal your customers.

4. The IT Crowd Bad Customer Service

We’ve all had to deal with terrible tech support at one stage or another. This scene from the I.T. crowd let’s you imagine what’s happening at the other end of the phone.

5. Little Britain Customer Service

This scene from UK-show Little Britain exemplifies everything that you shouldn’t do to ensure a good customer experience.

Use These Customer Service Videos to Provide Better Support

Hopefully these customer service videos get you pumped-up about delivering a better experience for your customers.

There’s so many helpful videos out there that we can’t possibly cover them in this post.

Remember, providing awesome customer support is a fundamental pillar of your business.

Every customer issue that presents itself is a chance to turn a detractor into a super fan, which ultimately will impact your bottom line over the long run.

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