23 Black Friday Marketing Ideas You Need to Know (Industry Experts)

Discover 23 expert black Friday marketing ideas to help you set record sales. From store design to omnichannel marketing, this guide will set you up for success.

  • Fintan
  • October 27, 2022
  • 17 minutes

Black Friday marketing ideas are a dime a dozen. But not all ideas are created equally.

For most of us in ecommerce, the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend represents a sizable chunk of our annual revenue.

In fact, according to Adobe Digital Insights, the five-day shopping window from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday accounts for a whopping $1 out of every $5 spent online throughout the whole year!

Unsurprisingly, with such an opportunity, the stakes are high. BCFM has become a crowded affair, with retailers scrambling to capture every ounce of consumer attention.

So, in a world where everyone is trying to take their slice of the pie, how can you stand out and ensure you create a record-breaking BFCM campaign?

That’s precisely the question we’ve asked ReConvert’s expert partners. In this eBook, they share their top tips to prepare for BFCM that’ll get you earth-shattering results.

What’s more, many of our partners submitted an exclusive app deal for our blog readers. After all, It’s not just customers who deserve a bargain on BFCM, merchants need some love too.

Ok, without further ado, let’s jump in!

The Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas From Industry Experts (+app deals)

Use the following tactics and strategies to inform your BFCM campaign. From store design to post-purchase offers, you’ll learn tips and tricks about the best ways to plan, build and execute your best BFCM sale ever. 

1. Increase Your Average Order Value with Upselling – ReConvert

Boosting AOV is a Black Friday marketing idea that seems too simple, but can make all the difference.

See, around the holiday season, big brands pour money into the auction-based ad platforms which can cause your CPMs and CPAs to go through the roof. This makes it harder to profit up front. 

However, with a smart post-purchase upselling strategy, you can nudge customers towards bigger baskets & offset these increasing costs. Remember, shoppers are in the mood to spend money. Implementing one-click upsells and thank you page offers gives them the opportunity to do so. 

The best part? Unlike many other BFCM tactics, implementing post-purchase upsells takes just a few minutes with an app like ReConvert. 

Once set-up you can go back to focusing on other important elements of your BFCM strategy and ensure everything is watertight before the big week arrives.

🎁BFCM Deal: ReConvert empowers you to instantly boost revenue by 15% with one-click upsells, customized thank you pages, and more. Get an extended 60-day FREE trial when you install ReConvert before BFCM.

2. Make Retention a Priority – Yotpo

My advice for retailers going into BFCM is to focus on customer retention. As an eCommerce brand, you obviously can’t give up on acquisition, but with skyrocketing CAC, you want to get your money’s worth.

Before Black Friday, focus on building up your email and SMS lists and using those channels to tease out upcoming sales and keep customers engaged, and funnel them into your loyalty program.

During BFCM, communicate clearly and authentically, so customers know what to expect from your brand and want to come back. Offer gift subscriptions and incentivize referrals to expand your audience. And after the BFCM frenzy dies down, use your loyalty program and communication channels to keep your brand top-of-mind.

To maximize your spend during Black Friday, you need to be laser-focused on turning every first-time shopper into a customer for life. That’s how you win BFCM and beyond.

🎁BFCM Deal: Add Yotpo SMSBump, Loyalty, Reviews, or Visual UGC before BFCM and get $500 or more off annual plans. Learn more BFCM strategies here.

3. Use Data to Optimize Your Conversion Rate – PrismFly

Before BFCM, it is critical to run experiments on your checkout and on the product pages. Spend time analyzing heat maps and launching different versions of your checkout and product page experiences to plug any holes in your conversion bucket.

One easy win is to remove the ‘return to’ buttons in the native Shopify checkout. We’ve run AB tests hiding those buttons which created 10% increases to checkout conversion rates for Shopify Plus clients.

Secondly, hire a developer to fix your website’s speed. Shopify reports that, on average, every 10% improvement to speed results in a 7% conversion rate increase.

Through removing unused JavaScript, eliminating render blocking resources, removing unused CSS, deferring offscreen images, and migrating to the OS 2.0 architecture, our clients have seen 300% improvements to site speed.

🎁BFCM Deal: Free premium CRO audit: For a limited number of qualifying merchants, Prismfly is offering free CRO audits prior to BFCM. To request your free audit, email audit@prismfly.com.

4. Find an Awesome Product & Watch Your Competition – DSERS

Do your research. In woodworking there’s a saying “Measure twice, cut once”. The same principle applies in dropshipping.

Prepare your store and products first. Ask yourself before you start building your store: Which type of products to do you want to sell?

Once you have products in mind, it’s time to do research. Look online and check out competitor stores – what prices do the products retail at? Who are they selling to? What kind of branding resonates?

Next research how these stores market their products. Make sure you know everything about their website and product SEO.

Selling online involves constant research, constant learning and a thirst to improve, knowing the market and your competitors will help get an edge during BFCM!

🎁BFCM Deal: Source amazing drop shipping products from reputable suppliers with DSers.Try DSers for FREE for a month to boost your business! Click here to claim special offer.

5. Leverage Zero & First Party Data – Chronos

Make sure that you’re building a lifecycle marketing program that leverage zero and first-party data to combine the best of email, SMS, and app push marketing.

After working with over 400 brands, I found that the most successful brands take full ownership over their customer relationships by focusing on creating meaningful experiences via email, SMS, and app push.

Personalize your messages and promotions using Email Marketing; Create meaningful two-way interactions with SMS Marketing; and build an exclusive mobile-first community on app.

About Chronos: Chronos Agency is your team of lifecycle marketing experts dedicated to growing your eCommerce business profitably through email, SMS, and mobile push.

6. Partner With Key Opinion Leaders – PageFly

During this sales season, consider investing in the Key opinion leaders (KOL) who match your target audience. Pay attention to the content value they provide to the audience, and avoid fluff gurus. How to figure out the genuine KOL?

Appraise the content they produce. If they constantly talk about it for a long time, it signals that they have deep knowledge. Another crucial thing is whether influencers give “actionable advice” or not.

Also, it’s essential carefully pick the social commerce platforms where your customers consume the daily content. Lastly, use a sales calendar to plan out your marketing activity beyond BFCM – although it’s the biggest weekend of the year for merchants, there are many more opportunities to maximize your revenue during the year that shouldn’t be overlooked. We wish you luck and more sales in Q4.

🎁BFCM DEAL: PageFly empowers you to make your website your way. Create your unique sections, pages with powerful drag-and-drop builder. Get 20% OFF for all PageFly plans for BFCM 2022

7. Use SMS Marketing to your Advantage- Hawkemedia

While dozens of brands are flooding inboxes, take a more personal and conversational approach with your lifecycle marketing and use SMS.

Conversational messaging allows you to send personalized texts about products that would complement your customer’s previous purchases. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for a successful SMS campaign:

  • Pay attention to your segmentation so the initial message resonates with its audience
  • Automate when possible ( automated quizzes, abandoned cart flows etc.),
  • Create a sense of urgency with deadlines in your copy
  • Give people a reason to respond!

🎁BFCM Deal: Hawke media helps merchants like you grow through marketing consultancy. Hawke is offering a free consultation for ReConvert customers exclusively- click here to take advantage!

8. Build CLTV with Loyalty – Rise.ai

It’s easy to get caught up in the mayhem of BFCM, but it’s important to zoom-out and look to capture value beyond the holidays season.

Leveraging loyalty programs can turn one-time shoppers into lifelong customers. So, even though the economic climate may mean customers spend less during the holiday season – store credit or rewards can bring them back after the holidays to spend more.

Tying your loyalty program together with gift cards, returns, referrals, and store credit, in one holistic, omnichannel solution for customer engagement, such as Rise.ai, can help optimize your ability to convert customers into loyal customers, even in challenging economic times.

About Rise: Rise.ai is designed to manage all your brand’s re-engagement activity – Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards, Rewards, Referrals and Refunds. Rise.ai integrates seamlessly with Shopify Plus, helping brands engage with customers throughout their entire life cycle, inspiring customer loyalty, and increasing customer lifetime value.

9. Use a Website Pop-up With a Discount – Growave

The aim of the game is to convert as many website visitors as possible. Without an audience to show your campaigns to, your results won’t be as impressive as you expected.

Try attracting visitors with a welcome discount – pop-ups are an excellent way to do this.

Some visitors might not purchase from your website there and then, but your chances of converting them over time are much higher.

Especially when you deploy a combination of other campaigns during the sales season and you end up with an audience that you can work with further.

🎁BFCM Deal: Growave is the all-in-one Shopify marketing platform with powerful tools for photo reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, and UGC. Claim a 30-day free trial and 20% on all plans (except Enterprise Plan). Click here to claim this deal.

10. Start Planning Early – Omnisend

Start planning early. Planning is crucial for BFCM success, because it is, always, a hectic period. If you have a plan in advance, you’ll be able to follow it and ensure you’re sending out communications at the right time and in the proper way.

For your communications, you should essentially have two parts: your special BFCM campaigns (whether that’s some discount, free shipping, BOGO, free gift, etc.) that you’ll need to communicate a few weeks before Black Friday.

And then you’ll have your automated emails & SMS throughout, especially on Black Friday when shoppers are adding items to their cart and often abandoning them at a higher rate than normal.

You should plan for this by setting up a special BFCM abandoned cart and welcome automated emails (easy to do within your ESP, like Omnisend)—but don’t forget about post-purchase automated messages either. Once they’ve bought from you once, nurture that relationship, build brand loyalty, and persuade them to buy again.

🎁BFCM Deal: Omnisend is an Email & SMS marketing platform used by 70,000+ ecommerce merchants who want to increase sales, not the workload. Get 30% off for three months with a promo code BFCM2022. Click here to claim this offer.

11. Don’t be Afraid to be a Non-conformist – Swanky

It’s difficult to only offer one piece of advice, given that BFCM is such a complex event, so I’ll offer one piece of advice, and one thought.

The thought: don’t feel like you have to conform and participate. We’re seeing (and working with) increasing numbers of merchants who don’t particularly like BFCM; they see it as wasteful, costly and environmentally damaging. At Swanky, we look at our clients’ data to consider whether participating will be profitable. Will it cost more in ad spend and prep than it will generate in sales? For some, it’s worth it, and for others, it isn’t.

For those that participate, here’s my advice: we’ve all seen CAC increase, and we all want new customers, but this year don’t forget about your existing and loyal customers. Reward the people that help you pay your bills by giving them a better deal than new customers (while showing your mindfulness around economic challenges they may be facing). You worked hard to win them over the first time round – don’t let this year be the year that you lose them.

About Swanky: Swanky is a leading end-to-end Shopify Plus Partner Agency, with offices in the UK and Australia. A data-led design, development, marketing and optimization agency. Learn more about Swanky on their website.

12. Fuel Personalized Marketing with Powerful Zero-party Data – Okendo

With privacy changes and rising costs making it harder to acquire new customers, BFCM is an increasingly important opportunity for brands to capitalize on higher-than-normal order volume in order to turn one-time shoppers into loyal brand advocates.

By asking customers to leave a review or complete a post-purchase survey after a BFCM purchase, brands can collect high-value data directly from consumers about their demographics, preferences, behaviors, intent, and more.

This data can then be leveraged across marketing platforms such as Klaviyo or Meta to power more targeted, personalized, and higher-performing cross-sell and upsell campaigns that drive customer retention and loyalty after the holidays.

By using zero-party data collected from reviews and surveys during BFCM, brands open a two-way dialogue with customers and can deliver messages tailored to their specific needs. Building stronger customer relationships will set brands up for success in the new year.

🎁BFCM Deal: First 60 Days of Okendo free on the Growth Plan and Above. Must redeem before Black Friday by filling out a demo request here

14. Build a Powerful Gifting Strategy – Seguno

This season, people will look for solutions to their most pressing problems. While they may be more budget conscious than in years past, they still have a budget for holiday spending and are willing to pay for value.

The key to earning their business is becoming a gifting expert. That is, you need to figure out how your product creates a solution for your customers’ gifting needs. Don’t forget about self-gifting, as it accounts for a decent chunk of a shopper’s budget as well.

Use these questions as a guide:

  • What aspects of your product make it a great gift?
  • Who would you recommend the gift for?
  • How would the recipient use the product?
  • Why should someone purchase this gift from you over anyone else?

When you answer these questions, you’re developing your unique value propositions. And when you consistently remind people about them within your email marketing, you’ll build trust and sales.

About Seguno: Powerful email marketing tools. Grow your sales with high-performing newsletters, email automation campaigns, and integrations with Facebook, Instagram, banners, pop-ups and more. Learn more on the Seguno website.

15. Invest in Your Customer Experience – Cartloop

Customer experience is at the core of everything we do today and moving forward. CX is the current and most underrated north star metric for retailers. My advice is make sure you invest and scale your customer experience. In short actionable terms, that means enable

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Customer service on channels where your target audience spends most of their time (ex: SMS)
  • 24/7 shopping concierge and start proactive marketing

These 3 items can be easily done through tools most retailers are already using – conversational SMS tools such as Cartloop and help desks such as Gorgias.

Last but not least, be mission critical and valuable to customers. Ask yourself

  • are customers getting the value of what they purchased?
  • are we living up to our promise?

Remember, everyone is trying to do more with less. CX, is not just a journey that goes from here to there. It’s a complete omnichannel experience that you can insert your brand into multiple ways.

Retailers have to bridge the digital and physical in a way that feels like you’re talking to the same person at the whole time. And at the underpinning of it is data and real-time interactions.

About Cartloop: Centralize all SMS under a single roof. Cartloop provides the only Inbox designed exclusively for human-powered SMS conversations. Streamline your SMS marketing today. Click here to get started.

16. Offer Customers Product Protection – Clyde

This year’s holiday shopping mania will be different from the last. With inflation the highest it’s been in 40 years and an impending recession looming – consumer shopping will surely be impacted by these economic tides. How can merchants ready themselves for this BFCM you ask? Offering product protection.

Clyde empowers businesses like Dyson, Skullcandy, Rebag, Shark Ninja and hundreds more — from startups to enterprises — to offer product protection plans to their customers. Not only does this increase average order value (more revenue in your pocket) with product protection attachment rates as high as 35-40% for some brands, but you’re giving customers peace of mind in a turbulent market.

We don’t stop at the point of purchase either – Seamlessly surface opportunities for your customers to purchase product protection plans post-purchase as well through our integrations with Klaviyo, Attentive & Gorgias. Deepen customer relationships, monetize your customers like never before – and unlock the customer lifetime value of your dreams.

About Clyde: Clyde makes brands (like yours) easy to love with reimagined experiences for product protection, registration, and issue resolution. Learn more on their website.

17. Keep a Keen Eye on Your Numbers -BeProfit

BFCM offers sellers a unique opportunity to leverage their online sales and grow their business. As reported by Adobe Analytics, in Nov 2021, consumers spent $109.8 billion online, an increase of 11.9% from the prior year.

Preparing for a boost in sales is the key to making the most of the event! Tracking your profits and expenses properly is one of the most important things you need to do. Additionally, the upcoming economic recession makes it even more crucial to understand your costs, optimize your profits, and coordinate your finances.

For accurate calculations of your net profit, you must understand ALL your business metrics.

In preparation for BFCM, analyze your most profitable items and best sellers to help prioritize your inventory and make sure you offer products that are more likely to sell. Monitoring your organic and paid marketing efforts during that time will allow you to optimize your ad spend and ROAS.

🎁BFCM Deal: BeProfit is the #1 profit analysis dashboard that helps you leverage your business data to optimize your profit and grow your store. Get 30% off the first 3 months. Just use this link and enter the code Reconvert30 at sign-up!

18. Be More Creative than Your Competition – PostScript

You should start engaging your subscriber list even prior to the BCFM itself. It’s very important to be top of mind as they are going to get a lot of promotions from other brands.

Most subscribers are getting texts from a few of your competitors and you want to make sure they remember you and end up placing an order. Get them excited about what’s coming, send a teaser, give early access to your VIP list etc, send a text that is letting them guess the discount you are going to offer- maybe choose a winner. Be creative and different.

Most importantly, make sure you reach out with a Last chance text to subscribers that didn’t end up purchasing within BFCM weekend before it ends. Buyers tend to forget and push the purchase for later. Our data from last year showed: shops that sent two campaigns, such as one in the morning and one in the evening, performed 40% better than those who only sent a morning campaign.

About Postscript: Engage with customers wherever they are. Postscript helps you build strong customer relationships across the entire buying experience. Learn more on their website.

19. Use These Four On-site BFCM Best Practices – Visually

Implement these 4 on-site best practices, to maximize your conversion rate, and make the most of your BFCM promotions:

  • Create a different look and feel for each promotion, so that returning customers will feel you’re offering something new, exciting and limited.
  • Add an announcement bar so no one misses what you have to offer
  • Add counters for urgency
  • Refresh your promotions, every few days, not only during BFCM, but throughout the entire Q4 to achieve maximum results
  • If you’re using a coupon code for your promotion, make sure to add a “promotion reminder” near the price in the product page and cart (where users make up their minds)

Also, remember that not all of your users go through the home page, or pay attention to your announcement bar. A lot of users land on product pages, and should be able to quickly understand your offer. too.

🎁BFCM Deal: Visually.io is a smart, no code editor – empowering e-commerce brands on Shopify to increase CR, AOV and grow quickly. Get a FREE CRO Audit by experienced CRO professionals + FREE trial of Visually for 60 days! To claim install Visually (for free) & email support@visually.io with “VisuallyFREE” in the subject line to extend your demo and get a FREE CRO Audit.

20. Don’t Ignore Fraud & Friendly Fraud – Chargeflow

The best piece of advice I could give eCommerce business owners for BFCM is:

Don’t neglect fraud and friendly fraud.

Increasing your revenue may be your top priority as a business owner.

However, if you are increasing your revenue while neglecting fraudulent orders or friendly fraud chargebacks, then your profit – which is the metric you’re aiming for – will decrease even if your revenue *increased*.

🎁BFCM DEAL: Chargeflow is the world’s first automated chargeback management solution specifically designed for eCommerce merchants. First $500 in chargebacks that are resolved in the merchant’s favor are FREE!

21. Focus on Pricing & Brand-building – Carro

Last year, we saw one of the longest BFCM/Holiday seasons ever due to supply chain issues. In prep, some retailers received product super early, and others received product super late. From start to finish, the season lasted about 5-6 months.

This year is going to be similar due to the recession. Summer sales are transitioning us into the holiday sale season due to inventory glut. The market hasn’t been so deeply discounted in years – price point is a huge factor.

Beyond price, my biggest advice would be to invest in content – make old product feel new through creative, campaigns, and marketing. With less of a time crunch for consumers and tighter budgets, they’re now faced with the opportunity to be more thoughtful than ever with their holiday purchases.

“Out-selling” each other isn’t a sustainable strategy, especially as the season gets longer and longer, but creating a stronger brand image and value is.

🎁BFCM DEAL: Unlock a new sales channel and let Carro uncover the perfect brand partners on Shopify. We will extend our trial period to be free until the end of 2022 and we will give each retailer that signs up to a subscription a consultation session and brand pairing with our experts to help as many brands as possible line up incredible partnerships and product additions to their store. Claim now at getcarro.com

21. Plan an Omnichannel Cart Recovery Strategy – Carti

One of the simplest ways to increase your sales this BFCM, is to develop a cart recovery strategy that reaches your audience across multiple touch points.

Every year we see cart abandonment rates rocket around BFCM – your job is to recapture as many of those as you can using automations.

Virtually every brand is going to send abandoned cart emails – so why not stand-out by adding SMS, push and Viber reminders too?

Implementing reminders on multiple-fronts will dramatically increase your recovery rate – and more importantly your BFCM revenue.

If you’re short on time or resources, using an app like Carti to quickly build an automated recovery strategy is your best best.

Use These Black Friday Marketing Ideas to Set Record Profits in 2022

The holiday season is an immensely important time for you as a merchant. With shoppers in peak-buying mode, it’s a huge opportunity to generate huge profits.

Hopefully, the ideas shared here help inspire a profitable BFCM campaign that captures more revenue than ever before.

Ultimately, a killer BFCM marketing campaign is the marriage of a standout offer with top-tier execution. Above our expert partners have outlined how execution on both these fronts can deliver the best BFCM your business has ever seen.

So, now there’s nothing left to do but get out there and get to work! Good luck!

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