50 of the Best eCommerce Blogs Every Merchant Needs to Read

The best eCommerce blogs can help you learn new marketing strategies, discover growth tips and scale your business quickly.

We’ve rounded up over fifty of the best eCommerce blogs run by experts, platforms, agencies and apps to help you become a better merchant.

Bookmark each blog you'll have a university-worth level education in eCommerce and digital marketing in no time at all.

Without further ado, lets’ jump in!

50+ of the Best eCommerce Blogs To Follow in 2021

There’s a crazy amount of eCommerce blogs on the web - but they’re not all worth reading. 

Below we’ve carefully curated our favorites to inform, teach and inspire you on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Covering everything from marketing strategies to branding, and from customer service to logistics, here’s the top 50 eCommerce blogs to keep tabs on.

The Best eCommerce Blogs For All Merchants

These blogs are the ones we find ourselves coming back to time and time again. Subscribe to them to get the latest updates to your inbox.

1. Shopify eCommerce Blog

Kicking off the list is (unsurprisingly) Shopify’s blog. Shopify’s official blog is a must read for eCommerce merchants. It covers every aspect of eCommerce and regularly features long-form value-packed posts from industry experts.

You’ll find everything from guides for starting your own dropshipping business to how to troubleshoot warehousing and fulfillment issues. 

Visit the Shopify Blog

2. A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand is a killer blog founded by entrepreneur Richard Lazazzera. It’s packed with practical tips, free resources and interesting experiments to help you plan, build and scale your eCom store.

Richard writes in a super accessible style and is an eCommerce entrepreneur himself. Follow along for updates, tips and tricks that’ll help you become a better merchant.

Visit A Better Lemonade Stand

3. Bootstrapping eCommerce

Bootstrapping eCommerce is the sister blog of A Better Lemonade Stand and is packed with advice for building your first ecommerce side-hustle. Perfect reading if you’re interested in making your first foray into eCommerce, no matter what budget you’re working with.

Visit Boostrapping eCommerce

4. Drip Marketing Blog

Drip churn out top-notch content on a weekly basis. The blog is primarily about email marketing as that’s what their product does, but they’ve also got a good stash of awesome advice covering all areas of ecommerce.

We’re particular fans of the way that Drip always uses real-life examples to explain concepts and give you inspiration for your own campaigns.

Visit the Drip Blog

5. Oberlo Blog

Oberlo’s blog is jam-packed with articles and resources to guide you through every stage of building a successful dropshipping business. If dropshipping is your business model of choice, this is for you.

Visit the Oberlo Blog

6. Ahrefs Blog

The Ahrefs blog is a one-stop shop to master organic traffic growth. It’s packed with super-detailed tutorials, case studies and opinion pieces from marketing practitioners and industry leaders.

Now while it's not eCommerce-specific, if you’re looking to grow your business via organic search traffic, or blogging, Ahrefs is a must-read . They also have several free courses that can help you understand the fundamentals of eCommerce SEO.

Visit the Ahrefs Blog

7. Wix eCommerce Blog

Get your fill of expert advice on how to start, build and scale an eCommerce business from Wix - one of the world’s most popular website builders. Similar to Shopify, Wix now offers a full-scale platform to build an eCommerce store.

Their blog covers a bunch of relevant topics - everything you need to know from how to choose the best name for your online store, to marketing strategies and conversion rate optimization hacks.

Visit the Wix eCommerce Blog 

8. BigCommerce Blog

BigCommerce’s huge blog offers actionable advice and tutorials to help you become a better online marketer and eCommerce merchant. The weekly newsletter is well worth signing up for.

BigCommerce’s articles are especially useful for more established merchants. They often have industry leading experts contribute guest posts across a range of topics. 

Visit the BigCommerce Blog

The Best eCommerce Blogs for Marketing Advice

The following blogs are not all solely focused on eCommerce. However you’ll find valuable nuggets of information that’ll help you convert more shoppers at every stage of the eCommerce marketing funnel.

9. Omnisend eCommerce Blog

Get the latest SMS and email marketing insights along, omnichannel trends and a sea of eCommerce resources on the Omnisend Blog.

Visit the Omnisend Blog

10. Hubspot Marketing Blog

One of the OGs of the online marketing game, Hubspot’s epic blog attracts almost 5 million monthly readers. Mandatory reading for merchants who want to leverage the inbound methodology for growth.

Visit the Hubspot Marketing Blog

11. Really Good Emails

‘Really Good Emails’ is unquestionably the internet's best freely available email swipe file - and their blog ain’t too shabby either. Always worth a visit if your eCommerce emails need a refresh or you need some inspiration for how to better write your Shopify email sequences.

Visit Really Good Emails

12. Marketing Examples

Harry Dry serves up short, sweet and effective marketing examples that pack more punch than a lot of 2,000+ word blog posts. Sign-up for his twice a month email newsletter to get the goods right to your inbox.

We’re big fans of his use of examples to illustrate marketing concepts. In particular, if you want to level up your copywriting, Harry does an amazing job of creating visuals to distill ideas that’ll help you become a more compelling marketer.

Visit Marketing Examples

13. Starter Story

Not solely eCommerce specific, but you’ll find heaps of entrepreneurial inspiration among the starter story archives. Plus, if you sign-up, you’ll get access to tons of resources and tools to help you grow.

It’s always fun to read about how other entrepreneurs started and scaled their business to where it is today. One great thing about Starter Story is that they provide a breakdown of the tech stack and tools each start-up used. The site is super easy to filter and you’ll always come away feeling inspired.

Visit Starter Story

14. Common Thread Collective Blog

Gorge on tactical insights for growing your DTC brand from the folks at the Common Thread Collective. This no-bs marketing agency shares weekly(ish) guidance from the frontlines of eCom. Not to be missed - especially for their data-backed strategies and experiments. 

Visit Common Thread Collective

15. Insights by The Good

Learn the inside scoop on how to attract, convert and retain more customers with The Good’s insights blog. Upgrade your customer experience and start making more sales with their awesome guides.

Visit The Good’s Blog

14. MailChimp Blog

Let Mailchimp walk you through the basics of small business marketing. Tuck into a wealth of expert tips and industry know-how to keep your business flourishing on the right track.

Think of Mailchimp’s blog almost more like a magazine - because it has a super high editorial standard. We particularly like their merchant stores and jaw-droppingly beautiful blog design.

Visit the Mailchimp Blog

15. Yotpo Blog

Yotpo brings you eCommerce tips & data, marketing trends, and strategies from the industry's top brands for building better customer experiences and generating more sales.

Visit the Yotpo Blog

16. Start-up Bros

StartupBros is an entrepreneurship blog that helps new entrepreneurs start a sellable business through tips, training, and case studies. Not eCommerce specific but it’s uper easy to read and very entertaining.

Visit StartUp Bro’s Blog

17. Store Growers Google Ads Blog

Get the low down on the latest Google Ads tactics and strategies for eCommerce used by agency Regenworks to generate outstanding results for their clients. 

Visit Store Grower’s Blog

18. Neil Patel’s Marketing Blog

Neil Patel is an OG of the internet marketing game. While his blog isn’t strictly focused on eCommerce, you’ll find heaps of time-tested marketing advice and tips - especially when it comes to growing your organic traffic and staying on top of marketing trends.

Visit Neil Patel’s Digital Marketing Blog

19. Sumo Blog

The Sumo blog is jam-packed with valuable tutorials, tips and advice that’ll help you become a better marketer. It’s massive - they cover areas such as growth marketing, social media marketing content marketing and more. 

In particular, keep your eyes peeled for their awesome step-by-step guides and case studies. Some of their guides like ‘How to make six figures with an email’ offer incredible value, free of charge.

Visit Sumo’s Marketing Blog

20. The Klaviyo Blog

Learn exciting new eCommerce growth tactics and hone your email marketing game with Kalvio’s impressive data-backed guides, tutorials and case-studies.

Klaviyo’s industry guides are particularly useful. Check them out and get a free playbook to launch your brand. Understand the benchmarks, trends and latest marketing approaches.

Visit Klaviyo’s Blog

21. The Zendesk Blog 

The Zendesk Blog is a great source of info for customer service, experience, sales tips, guides, industry best practices, and news. Plus, it’s stunningly designed.

If you’re looking for help in optimizing your customer’s experience and how to better manage your customer support, Zendesk is a must-bookmark blog.

Visit Zendesk’s Blog

22. Buffer Blog 

Buffer's social media marketing blog covers the latest social media tools, analytics, and strategies for Twitter, Facebook, and more. It's really well written and you always come away with new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Visit Buffer’s Blog

23. CXL Blog

CXL’s conversion optimization blog is crafted with a data-first approach. Get a scientific, expert-led take on how to best market your business and power-up conversions.

CXL brings together multiple marketing disciplines - often infusing their posts with a dose of human psychology and peppering in original research too. A must-read for every serious eCommerce entrepreneur.

Visit the CXL Blog

24. Beeketing Blog

Dive into Beeketings’s blog archive to discover proven strategies for growing your online business. From the fundamentals of online retail to advanced tactics there’s something for everyone here.

Visit the Beeketing Blog

25. Baymard Institute Blog

One of the go-to UX resources for online retailers around the world. Learn about how to create a stand-out eCommerce experience and refine your UX for maximum conversions.

Baymard Institute offers some of the most in-depth and compelling insights around how to get more website conversions. On the blog, their work and analysis is communicated brilliantly - we particularly love how each article is summed up in a couple of key takeaways that you can implement at once.

Visit Baymard Institute’s Blog

26. Optimonk’s eCommerce Blog 

Optimonk’s eCommerce blog is brimming with actionable CRO and marketing advice to help boost your sales. Their resources/e-books are particularly worth checking out.

Visit Optimonk’s Blog

27. AutoDS Dropshipping Blog

AutoDS’ blog is a is full of knowledge for entrepreneurs venturing into the world of dropshipping across various platforms, including eBay, Shopify, Amazon, Wix, Woocommerce, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and beyond. This all-in-one automation tool’s blog offers a wealth of resources updated weekly, including step-by-step tutorials, insights into best-selling products, cutting-edge marketing strategies, and successful case studies. Whether you’re a newcomer seeking to launch a dropshipping business or an experienced seller looking to expand your reach, AutoDS’ blog provides the essential guidance and expertise to navigate the dynamic e-commerce landscape successfully.

Visit the AutoDS Dropshipping Blog

28. Printful Dropshipping Blog

Insights, inspiration and advice is the order of the day over on Printful’s blog. If you’re thinking about jumping into print on-demand eCommerce, this is an excellent place to start.

The blog has everything you need to launch a shopify t shirt store, or any other kind of print-on demand store you’d like. It’s also an awesome place to get design ideas, marketing tips and more.

Visit Printful’s Blog

29. ReferralCandy Blog

Word of mouth marketing and customer retention are both massively underrated. Learn the strategies and tactics to turn your customers into a passionate army of marketers with the ReferralCandy blog.

Visit Referral Cand’s Blog

30. Shogun’s eCommerce Blog

Landing page builder Shogun is one of the best eCommerce blogs around. It’s packed with pragmatic strategies to help you build your business faster and sell more products.

They cover many areas, but are particularly strong on headless commerce, CRO and customer experience. We also love the design of the blog which, along with the excellent writing, makes for very pleasant reading.

Visit the Shogun Blog

31. eCommerce Fuel Blog

The blog that accompanies the world-famous podcast of the same name. Dive into the blog’s in-depth articles and come away with expert know-how for building a better online business. Covers everything from product sourcing to order fulfillment.

Visit the eCommerce Fuel Blog

31. Growave eCommerce Blog

Get the low down on the latest eCommerce trends, marketing advice and customer stories over on Growaves’s blog.

Visit the Growave Blog

32. Dropship Academy by DSM Tool

DSM Tool’s blog is an invaluable resource for anyone eager to delve into the world of e-commerce. Offering a wealth of knowledge and insights, the blog serves as a hub for learning and growth in the dropshipping sphere. From in-depth tutorials on dropshipping techniques to updates on the latest e-commerce trends, DSM Tool’s blog caters to both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs. It provides a roadmap for success, ensuring that individuals have access to the information and strategies needed to thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

Visit the Dropship Academy Blog

33. Jilt eCommerce Blog

Every eCommerce store needs a solid email marketing strategy. Jilt’s blog is the place to fill your noggin with the latest eCom email trends, hacks and tips.

Visit the Jilt Blog

34. Volusion eCommerce Marketing Blog

Volusion is one of the leading eCom platforms and their blog is well worth checking out. You’ll find original research and thought leadership alongside practical guides and how-to content.

Visit Volusion’s eCommerce Blog

35. Loox eCommerce Tips

Loyalty software Loox has an awesome blog loaded with advice to help you leverage social proof and retention to skyrocket your ecommerce business.

Visit the Loox Blog

36. WooCommerce Blog

WooCommerce has a fantastic blog stuffed with inspiration and insights from eCommerce experts. Get the know-how you need to grow your business - even if it’s not based on the WooCommerce platform.

Visit the Loox Blog

37. Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

If you’re looking for industry insights and thought leadership, check out Adobe’s  Experience Cloud Blog. It’s more suited for retailers who’ve been in the game a while - but it’s brimming with the latest industry trends and expert insights.

Visit Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

38. Gorgias Blog

Gorgias makes brilliant helpdesk software and its blog is teeming with the latest and greatest advice and strategies to slap a smile on your customer’s faces and keep them coming back for more.

Visit the Gorgias Blog

39. DelightChat Blog

Delight Chat’s blog offers readers buckets of tips and tricks for building better customer relationships. If your customer service has been lacking - check out this blog.

Visit Delight Chat’s Blog

40. Hotjar Blog

Heat mapping tool HotJar dishes out fresh advice on how to level-up your visitor’s experience. Discover more about your customer’s behavior from the self-titled ‘digital empathy experts’.

Visit the Hotjar Blog

41. Spocket Dropshipping Blog

Dropshipping platform Spocket has a brilliant blog where you’ll find tons of helpful guides, tips, growth hacks and inspiring customer stories to help you become a better digital entrepreneur.

If you’re interested in becoming a dropshipper, then Spocket’s blog has plenty of case studies that’ll give you inspiration and motivation to succeed.

Visit the Spocket Blog

42. Tidio eCommerce Blog

Chat-bot makers Tidio know a thing or two about eCommerce customer service. If you’re looking to step-up your customer service efforts and grow your business, you’ll find plenty of proven tips and tactics here.

Visit Tidio’s eCommerce Blog

43. Printify Print on Demand Blog

Print on Demand giants Printify use their blog to share timeless strategies and actionable advice that’ll help you kick your POD business up a notch.

Visit the Printify Blog

44. CloudWays eCommerce Blog

Uncover heaps of useful eCommerce tutorials and guides covering everything from marketing to fulfillment on CloudWays excellent eCommerce blog. 

Visit the Cloudways Blog

45. Nerd Marketing

Nerd Marketing is a brilliant source for actionable, smart and often hilarious digital marketing advice - tune into the podcast or read the blog for your weekly dose of growth inspiration.

Visit Nerd Marketing’s Blog

46. Prehook Blog

Quiz funnel software Prehook shares their expert take on how to scale a D2C brand in modern times. Insights, trends, and strategies for savvy D2C marketers.

Visit Prehook’s Blog

47. SixAds Blog

The SixAds blog is stuffed with actionable eCommerce advice, marketing tips and growth tactics to help you build a better digital retail business.

Visit the SixAds Blog

48. Prisync eCommerce Blog

Get ahead of your competitors with Prisync’s knowledge-packed blog. It’s loaded with tips, insights and strategies to take your brand to the next level.

Visit Prisync’s eCommerce Blog

49. Practical eCommerce

Practical eCommerce is an independent, authoritative online eCommerce magazine. You’ll find lots of fascinating and original research and insights, alongside practical tips, tricks and advice to help you become not just a better merchant, but a more rounded entrepreneur too.

Visit the Practical eCommerce Blog

50. Ecwid E-Commerce Blog

A great blog covering everything you need to know about running an online business. Well crafted articles to help you become a business you can be proud of.

Visit the Ecwid Blog

51. SellBrite eCommerce Blog

SellBrite’s blog is one of the best places to learn about multi-channel operations and discover new growth strategies. Keep up to date with their data-back reports and download their e-books to stay ahead of the game.

Visit The Sellbrite Blog

52. eCommerce Platforms

Ecommerce-Platforms is a comprehensive online resource that provides reviews, comparisons, and guides for various ecommerce platforms. The website offers insights into the latest trends, news, and strategies to help entrepreneurs and businesses build, launch, and grow their online stores. With detailed analyses of features, pricing, and performance, Ecommerce-Platforms helps users make informed decisions and optimize their ecommerce experience.

Visit the eCommerce Platforms Blog

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