Trunk Stock Syncing + Bundling

Can Trunk sync stock levels between multiple Shopify stores?
Most definitely! And don’t worry, you’ll only be billed for one subscription. Just install Trunk with the Shopify store you want to be billed with. Then simply add your other Shopify stores as sales channels within Trunk–you won’t need to install Trunk again for each store.
Will I be automatically billed once the free trial is over?
Not at all! You’ll only be billed once you have confirmed the subscription within Trunk. Otherwise, no charges will be made and your account will simply be deactivated when the free trial ends. We’ll also be happy to completely remove your account data upon request in accordance with our privacy policy.
Do you offer special pricing?
If you’re a brick & mortar store just starting to go online or sell high volume, low margin items, we may be able to help you out. Please reach out and live chat with us to see if you’re eligible!
Does the trial account restrict any features?
Nope, the trial account gives the same access as a paid one!
Can Trunk be used for bundling/kitting within a single Shopify store?
You betcha!
Can Trunk sync stock levels between products within the same Shopify store?
Yep, Trunk will be able to sync between any duplicate SKUs that match. If you can’t have duplicate SKUs, then using our bundling/kitting feature is another option to create dependencies so that they can be synced with each other.
Can product variants be synced?
Yep, it works just as you’d expect! And it also works with bundling/kitting.
Does Trunk support migrating or cross-posting product information between Shopify and other e-commerce platforms?
Unfortunately, Trunk is strictly inventory/stock level syncing at the moment but we will be adding cross-posting functionality later in 2020. It’s on the roadmap and very important to us since it’s requested so much. That means in the meantime, you would need to create your listings manually or import them yourself.
Can Trunk help with splitting a bundle that a customer adds to their cart into multiple products?
Unfortunately, Trunk does not handle this since it’s more of a backend syncing solution when it comes to bundling/kitting.
Have more questions?
Please visit our FAQ or our website (links on sidebar to the right). Stop by to live chat with us!

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