Panda Language Translate

Panda Language Translation improve your business Internationally

Every store owners would like to:

Increase sales by acquiring new customers
Improve conversion by speaking your visitors language

Many of customers might leave your store because they are not:

Redirected to your shop matching their preferred language
Allow an option to choose their own preferred language with Flag option
Customers from all around the world expect your store to be available in their preferred language

Translate the gap by allowing easily provide multilingual translate tool using the new powerful technologies today

Customize language options (customers can choose their own language manually)
Support for all kind of languages including Left-TO-Right and Right-To-Left languages

Very Simple setup:

Panda Language Translate has been built by keeping with simplicity in mind. After installing this App you can start translating instantly without having to prepare your themes and different contents for translations.
Took very less time (< 5 minutes) to install 100+ different languages. It will not affect the existing theme & any code like others language apps. Translate your content: Simply choose one or more languages from provides options and start translating your below pages Home Page Collections Products Product Variants Pages Cart Page Blogs Blog Detail Navigation Construction page Needed Support? Just install the app and invite us for staff account. We will take care all the setup for this app to look good and professional matching with your store design. Try other awesome App! - Timer Panda - Countdown Timer